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Ethical supplements  not  just for vegans

You don't need to be vegan to choose naturally sourced, plant-based supplements that are more effective, kinder to you and the world we live in.

Formulated by nutritionists to provide your body with essential nutrients, our range is scientifically proven, a guarantee of quality and a mark of our commitment to help safeguard the planet.

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Is your diet
your body?

We believe a healthy and varied diet is the best way to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Whatever type of diet you follow, we will show you the essential nutrients your body needs every day for your healthy hair, skin, immunity, energy, mental performance and much more.

If your diet doesn't support you through the foods you eat, we'll show you and the nutrients your body may need.

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You can order DR.VEGAN® supplements as you need them, or subscribe so you never run out.

You receive a free refillable Vitamin Tin with your first order and our flexible system means you can cancel any time, change your delivery date, pause and resume, swap, add or remove supplements to suit your requirements - it's all up to you!

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complete  Daily Multi-Vitamin

Our Daily Multi-Vitamin has 5 Star 'Excellent' Trustpilot ratings for good reason.

A full-spectrum formula with plant-based and naturally sourced ingredients, it contains 24 essential nutrients including Vitamin B12, D3, K2 and Zinc, Selenium, Spirulina and Choline, to support your energy, healthy skin, hair and nails to your immune health, mood and mental performance every day.

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Let's help protect the

We wanted to make it easy to make the right choice and do the right thing. All our products are ethically sourced and our packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable - it's as simple as that.

Letterbox delivery means fewer trips to the shops, while your free DR.VEGAN® refillable tin allows you to minimise waste, and we're constantly exploring new ways to make our footprint even smaller.

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