We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your health.

We created DR.VEGAN® to be different from other companies and change the way people think about improving their health.

Why is nobody helping you understand and improve your diet, the most important place to start when it comes to your health? Why should you have to choose between ineffective supplements with formulas that don’t work, and with nasty additives that are carcinogenic and have side effects? Why should you have to choose between ingredients made from lambs’ tongues, pigs’ trotters, and other animal ingredients, all with plastic and glass packaging creating unnecessary waste?

At DR.VEGAN® we care about your health and the planet, whatever your diet. Our expert nutritionists and our free online Diet Profile help you understand your diet, showing you the nutrients it provides, how it supports your body, and where it doesn't. We believe everyone should have access to free expert nutrition advice and supplements with clinically proven plant-based ingredients that work. Led by science, formulated by doctors, specialists, and expert nutritionists, all our supplements are made in the UK and delivered in 100% plastic-free and certified home-compostable packaging.

Join over 100,000 people who are improving their health with our supplements and free nutrition advice, and have helped save more than 15 tonnes of plastic waste.

Create your free Diet Profile and see how your diet compares.

Feel the difference.

"Best supplements we've come across."

"Best supplements we've come across."

"Dr Vegan puts its consumers first. And we love to see it."

"Dr Vegan puts its consumers first. And we love to see it."

"Easily the most sustainable option on the market."

"Easily the most sustainable option on the market."

Understand your diet

Your health starts with your diet, and a varied, healthy and balanced diet is the best place to start.

But what does that mean? What nutrients does your diet give you, and how do they support your health? What's your diet missing?

Join over 40,000 people and create your FREE Diet Profile - 'The Triage of Nutrition'. It only takes 3 minutes and helps you understand your diet, where it supports your body, and where it doesn't.

Create a better you

We use the finest plant-based and naturally sourced ingredients in all our supplements. There are zero additives, bulking or filling agents, they're vegan, vegetarian, free of allergens, gluten, dairy, lactose, sugar and starch, and they're all non-GMO.

Our formulas are led by science, created by experts, and our ingredients are in a more bio-available form which means they're more easily absorbed and more effective. And they're all in capsules and super easy to swallow, or you can open them and add the plant-based goodness to your food and drink.

Protect our planet

“Not padded out with loads of ingredients and environment friendly packaging which also fits through the letterbox.” - Paula, DR.VEGAN® customer.

You don't need to be vegan to better your health and protect the planet, and you can do both by choosing DR.VEGAN® supplements.

All our supplements are expertly formulated, led by science, with zero animal ingredients or nasty additives - it's as simple as that.

Our letterbox delivery means we deliver the highest quality supplements to your door in plastic-free and compostable packaging. Our refillable Pill Tin, free with your first subscription, can travel with you and allows you to minimise waste.