Gut Works®

Pre & Probiotic, 50bn CFU ▪︎ 30 capsules ▪︎ 1 a day


Gut Works® is our advanced formula of clinically studied live and friendly bacteria (aka 'probiotics') and prebiotics for complete gut health, relieving IBS and providing daily support for your digestion, brain and immune health. Combining Inulin with 6 optimal biotic strains with 50 billion CFU, including Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus and Psyllium, Gut Works® takes care of your gut every day. 

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3x more effective than standard probiotics
30 day money-back guarantee
Free UK delivery
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My pain has gone. I have IBS and was in pain every day. I have been using Dr. Vegan Gut Works for a few weeks now and cannot believe that I am pain free. I was very sceptical but this works!!


I have seen an improvement to my IBS for the 1st time, after trying so many probiotics and other remedies. This is the 1st time I've seen a change for the better, ever!


I feel so much better after taking these, my stomach is not bloated and I feel so much healthier! I will be subscribing to receive these monthly!


Gut! This is my third delivery of Gut Works and I can’t believe the difference it has made. Better digestion and no more uncomfortable bloating.


I think it’s wonderful, what a difference. No more Omeprazole. I don’t need it after taking it for 10 years. Thank you for making this.

Mrs Robertson

The change in my stomach is amazing. No more IBS or bloating.


Gut Works capsules are really helping me with my Chronic Fatigue. I sleep better on these and have more energy during the day. Recommended!


I actually wasn't expecting this to work but it really is helping with my IBS and I feel much better for it. I feel like the old me now!


I was sceptical about this but haven't felt so good in ages after taking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, it's been absolutely amazing.


Been taking these for a week now and can feel the difference already for helping my IBS.


These really worked for me - I've had no bloating for example. I feel everything is back to normal again... no clothes strangling my stomach mid afternoon, no rushes to the bathroom and shorter stays once I'm there! Very pleased. Thanks Dr Vegan!


Gut Works is an excellent product, I no longer feel bloated, and my digestion is so much better. As a menopausal woman, I would thoroughly recommend this product along with MenoFriend which has dramatically reduced my menopause symptoms.


So far I'm shocked, immediately noticing a difference on these within 2 days, a day off, then back on my 4th day now...


After a few days of taking these my digestive system felt so much better, well worth trying.


Excellent service, well packaged. Amazing product, does exactly what it claims, would highly recommend.


Fantastic price, excellent communications and prompt delivery. Totally recommend Dr Vegan ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Ordered and received goods within 2 days. Very prompt. Have seen benefits already on 3rd day. Excellent!!


Quick service every time I order. I like the eco packaging too. All products have been excellent and being gluten free is great news for us Coeliacs.


Been taking these for a week now and can feel the difference already for helping my IBS.


These do seem to help with bloating and ease stomach ache more than other probiotics I've tried.


It's been a couple of weeks before I've felt the benefits of using Gut Works, but it does seem to be making a difference.


I purchased Debloat & Detox along with Gut Works and so far so good, stomach seems to have gone down and feels more settled.


My order came next day but part of it was missing. I emailed Dr Vegan and the missing part came the next day. Excellent customer service. 3 days in to Gut Works and already feel less bloated.


I purchased the Gut Works & I must admit I was sceptical at first but I definitely think they have helped my IBS symptoms so I will be subscribing to these when I place my next order. Also excellent service & quick delivery.


Within less than 2 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my IBD symptoms, and I haven’t suffered from a panic attack since starting to take the Stay Calm supplement 3 weeks ago - the supplements have honestly changed my life in such a short space of time and allowed me to enjoy my family trip to the USA completely symptom free from my Crohn’s disease and anxiety.


Really enjoying the benefits of the Gut Works capsules. Big difference.


I have only been taking Gut Works for a week and to date I am pleased with the results. My stomach feels comfortable and my trips to the bathroom have been greatly reduced. Company great to deal with and updates sent on progress of my order. Highly recommend.


Excellent product and excellent customer service too. I have recommended your products to 3 friends already! The debloat & detox, gut works and stay calm are amazing. Great results in only a few days 🎉🎉.


I have been in love with Gut Works ever since I discovered them 3 months ago. I have noticed a significant change in my digestion since taking these and I feel less bloated! I feel healthier and more confident than ever.


Only been taking this for a week but have already noticed a difference with bloating.


Noticed a real difference when taking these probiotics. Highly recommend.


I have been having an upset stomach for over two weeks so I started on Gut Works and it does seem to have calmed it down.


Stomach feels so much better, less bloated and heartburn has subsided. I’ve been taking for just over 2 months and they have made such a difference.


I was very sceptical when I first started taking these. They took about 3 weeks before I noticed anything. Been taking them for about 3 months and I have no bloating. I also take Debloat & Detox which are very good. Give both a try but be prepared they are not an overnight solution.


This has really helped me with a very bad IBS flare up. I'd tried everything with no improvement and then saw an advert for Gut Works so thought I'd nothing to lose by trying it. I've only been using Got Works for 2 weeks but there has been a noticeable improvement.


Suffered from IBS and bloating for years. This product definitely seems to help!


Prompt delivery and I think they are working!!


This has really helped my IBS symptoms and it’s great to have it on subscription as I don’t have to remember to re order it!


Why take our
Gut Works®?

For your gut microbiome
For IBS & digestive discomfort
6 clinically proven gut-friendly bacteria
Healthy weight management
Supports skin & immune health
100% VEGAN
Better for you and our planet
Gut Works® Gut Works® Gut Works® Gut Works®

"I think this is fantastic!" - Sarah Parish

Sarah Parish was looking for a plastic-free alternative to the vitamins and supplements she had in her kitchen cupboards and found DR.VEGAN®. Her review explains how delighted she is to have found supplements that are higher quality and at an affordable price.

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How to look after your gut through your diet

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Why Gut Works® is so good

Did you know Gut Works® is 3x more effective than standard probiotics? Learn why Gut Works® is loved by so many customers and the importance of our ingredients, their sources and quality dosage formulated by a team of expert nutritionists. Our latest research highlights real customer feedback and opinions on Gut Works® and the impact of gut health in our lives.

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