Magnesium 400mg

Highly absorbable ▪︎ 60 capsules ▪︎ 2 a day


Our Magnesium (200mg elemental Magnesium per capsule) is kinder to you and in a highly absorbable form, free of any animal ingredients or nasty additives. Magnesium supports over 300 processes in our body and is vital for our psychological wellbeing, healthy mood, and supporting our muscles, particularly after exercise. It is also essential for our nervous system and commonly taken as a soothing mineral before bedtime. What's your diet missing? Create your free Diet Profile here.

400mg elemental Magnesium
Highly absorbable
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easy to swallow
kind on stomach

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What our customers say...

I have suffered with foot and leg cramps since childhood. My blood pressure is too low to use medication. The Magnesium supplement has been an absolute godsend!


This is my second order of Magnesium and after using another product for a number of years, I find this much more superior so I will be using these from now on.


I have osteoarthritis all over and sick of the 24/7 discomfort, so was willing to try anything. Started taking these 4 days ago and feel an improvement, have tried other things and they didn't work.


I have magnesium & turmeric on a monthly subscription. Both easy to use & I feel so much better. No achey joints, restless legs & sleeping better too .

Ms Smith

I am now free of the awful muscle cramps and very grateful! A high quality product that works where poorer quality supplements did not.


Since taking these before bed the pains in my legs have all but disappeared. I work long 12hr shifts and these capsules are incredible.


I feel a lot better since taking these. I would recommend them to everyone with arthritis of the knees.


Since taking your Magnesium my arthritis is much better. I can bend my fingers now. And my blepharitis has almost cleared up.


Both my husband & I now use this. My husband's restless legs are so much better, my joints are slightly better, and we both sleep better.


These saved my life, could not take anymore, then found these x.


I have slept so well and feel full of energy, cant believe how different I feel.


I really feel the difference after taking these and will order more when I need them. Thank you.


Just love my Magnesium and Vegan Nights - only take them when I need them and sleep so well when I do! Thank you!


Have tried various supplements from Dr.Vegan, been a help to me, feeling better and importantly sleeping better.


Great magnesium, I take an hour before bed which relaxes me in the evening so I get off to sleep easier. Also really speedy delivery.


I’ve been getting Magnesium capsules for a few months now and I get lots of emails keeping me informed about delivery dates. I would recommend Dr Vegan.


I find magnesium great for helping with cramps when I've been for long walks. Quick delivery, despatched same day I ordered. Vegan and eco friendly product.


The magnesium certainly seems to have helped my restless legs at night and the B12 has helped with tiredness. Turmeric for mild arthritis is also helpful.


The magnesium I take twice a day have improved my quality of sleep. Also as a coeliac I must have been deficient in magnesium as I now have strong healthy nails instead of nails that were always breaking and I have more energy in the day so I fully recommend DR.VEGAN and will continue to buy from them.


I take 1 magnesium a day as I do not add salt to my diet at all. I previously got bad leg cramps at night. Magnesium stops them.


Dr Vegan Magnesium really helps with my restless legs.


Well my nails and hair have certainly been a lot better.


Better than others I have tried. Would recommend them to anyone.


Works for me. Sleep better and bowels working better too.


Since taking the magnesium I have felt much better in myself and my knee is starting to heal.


Since taking this my cramps appear to have gone away.


I suffer with Fibromyalgia and one of the many symptoms is restless legs and cramps. I take Magnesium at night which helps to alleviate these symptoms. With Dr Vegan you can set up a repeat order so you’re never without them and no need to remember to order. I would recommend these tablets to other sufferers.

Ms Mooney

I purchased this to help with rest less legs. I would highly recommend them, and I will continue to keep using them as they have helped me greatly.


I have been taking this for a couple of weeks now at bedtime. I seem to be more rested when I wake, less sluggish. Excellent product.


Relaxes me and does not upset my stomach.


Brilliant product. The only Magnesium tablets I have found that are easy to swallow! Have now been taking them for about 10 days and felt a difference. Calmer and sleeping better.


Really happy with my order, not full of additives and easier to swallow.


I have these on a monthly subscription. They are easy to swallow, good to help menopausal symptoms too.

Ms Smith

No more restless legs. These are a godsend.

Mrs Williams

Started taking to help get a better nights sleep. Since taking I now mostly sleep all the way through and wake up feeling better.


I use magnesium as it helps with some of my symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I take it at night especially for restless legs and cramps.


Very good product, excellent communication and delivery.


Has definitely eased my achy menopause joints!!


I have been taking Magnesium supplements for about a year now. I can't pinpoint any one thing but when I have stopped taking them I don't feel as well as I do when I start and continue taking them.


It has certainly helped with night time leg and feet cramps and I have been sleeping better.


Good quality product, helps with the aches & pains associated with menopause.


I take these daily to help with my restless leg syndrome at nights. It works well for me.


Sorted out my terrible leg cramps so I'm happy about that.


Why take our

Healthy bone and muscle support
Ideal after exercise
Helps maintain psychological wellbeing
Often taken at bedtime
The clever mineral
Supports the immune system and assists in energy release
Comprehensive support
Contributes to over 300 processes in the body
Easy to absorb
Bioavailable citrate form
Great food source of Magnesium
Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium

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