Muscle & Joint Support Bundle

Complete muscle & joint support


For comprehensive daily muscle and joint support, formulated by our expert nutritionists, including: 

Our Magnesium Citrate (400mg) is in its most absorbable form, free of any animal ingredients or additives. Magnesium supports over 300 processes in your body and is vital for your psychological wellbeing, a healthy mood, and supporting your muscles, particularly after exercise and long days on your feet. 

Our Organic Curcumin & Turmeric (3300mg), with the finest extract of 95% Curcumin (200mg), includes Ginger & Black Pepper for significantly improved absorption, and is a higher strength and more absorbable formula than standard Turmerics, helping support and protect your joints every day. 

Naturally sourced. Plant-based. Zero nasty additives. Plastic free compostable pouches. Better me. Better planet. 

Formulated by experts
30 day money-back guarantee
Free UK delivery
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easy to swallow
kind on stomach

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What our customers say...

I was using another product from someone else at more than double the cost, so I tried Dr Vegan and I wasn't disappointed.


I've taken Turmeric for 12 years. After just a week of taking these the discomfort in both my hands is at least 80% better. It's brilliant!


Bought these to ease severe knee pain and stiffness (osteoarthritis). Amazed at results, have stopped the anti-inflammatory meds from my GP and will continue to use this alternative option. Excellent, thanks.


I am amazed that my aches and pains have disappeared. So good I am persuading my family to subscribe.


Been taking these for about 5 weeks and it has started to ease the pain in my hands. I haven't had to take as many pain killers so will carry on taking these.


Decided not to write a review immediately... wanted to see if I felt any different... really think I do... my joints do not feel so achey when I get up in the morning.


Can walk much easier now. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't taken it myself. It takes a couple of weeks to start feeling better. Thank you Dr. Vegan.


Taken on a regular basis, this does wonders for my swollen ankles and other sore joints.


So quick and easy to order. Delivery always great and speedy. Vitamins are great. Good quality and just what I wanted.


Why take our
Muscle & Joint Support Bundle?

Higher Strength
3300mg Turmeric, 200mg Curcumin
Joint health
100% Vegan
Organic & Naturally Sourced
Healthy bone and muscle support
Ideal after exercise
Magnesium is a clever mineral
Supports the immune system and assists in energy release
Easy to absorb
Bioavailable in capsule form
Muscle & Joint Support Bundle Muscle & Joint Support Bundle

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