Meet some of our team

Our nutritionists have over 30 years of experience in nutrition including with the British Nutrition Foundation, the Department of Health and Children, the NHS and Nutricentre, our product and marketing teams have unique insight having worked for supplement businesses including Holland & Barrett, Solgar and Nature’s Bounty, and our website team have worked with brands such as Wiggle and Google.

Sue Potgieter


Sue is a registered nutritionist and naturopath and as part of our customer services team, she is committed to helping our customers optimise their health. As a qualified teacher, she also loves giving health talks, writing articles and educating others.
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Sophie Arrowsmith


Sophie is a Registered Nutritionist in our Customer Services team. Passionate about giving great customer service and by nature a people pleaser, Sophie loves nothing more than helping customers achieve their health goals with nutrition and lifestyle advice.
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Shona Wilkinson


Shona is a Registered Nutritionist with 14 years’ experience in the health industry and product development.  Shona specialises in the formulation and development of supplements and is an advisor on the manufacture and retailing of supplements.
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Dr Katherine Hodgkinson


Katherine is a GP with a special interest in lifestyle medicine, and in particular in the effects of hormones on the body, and solutions for weight loss through nutrition and lifestyle. She is passionate about gut health, and educating and empowering men and women to implement lifestyle adjustments to improve their health and wellbeing. She owns and runs Hampshire Health and Hormones - managing hormone imbalances and disease with lifestyle causes.
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Gordon Lott


Gordon has spent 20 years in Ecommerce with brands including Solgar, Nature’s Bounty, and Egg Bank.  He is passionate about using technology to simplify the world of nutrition and supplements, empowering customers with easily accessible information to improve their understanding and control over their daily wellbeing.