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So glad i found these. I have found that after just 2 or 3 weeks of taking these, my I B S symptoms have improved greatly. A very quick service from ordering to delivery.


Incredible, I’ve suffered extreme bloating that comes on fast and leaves me in pain for days with my stomach feeling like a pumped up tyre. I bought the gut health bundle and after a month of use the results are brilliant. My stomach has shrunk considerably and I no longer feel pain when I go out for dinner. Really saved my social life.


After trying all different products, I can honestly say this truly does work.


I’ve been using the gut health bundle for about 3 months now and it really has made a difference!

Ms Trickey

I don't seem to have problems on a morning now and I go regular. I use to get bloated a lot but that has gone now.

Ms Colledge

At last something that works. Tried these for bloating, and yes you do have to give it at least two weeks to feel the benefit. I would recommend. And I will continue to use them.


I have seen a considerable improvement in my stomach since using these combined products with a lot less indigestion and bloating which I normally suffer from.

Ms Burn

My stomach hasn't been this good in years. No bloating and that feeling of slight nausea and feeling like a balloon is going to pop in my stomach has eased away. So grateful.


I actually wasn't expecting this to work but it really is helping with my IBS and I feel much better for it. I feel like the old me now!


Absolutely amazing product! It has helped me where everything else failed to. Everything about Dr Vegan works for me, cannot recommend the products and company enough…


I ordered the Gut Health bundle which arrived very quickly. I've had almost instant results taking them and will definitely be ordering more. Had to contact the support team and they responded very quickly and efficiently! Great products and customer service.


Excellent product and excellent customer service too. I have recommended your products to 3 friends already! The Gut Works, Debloat & Detox and Stay Calm are amazing. Great results in only a few days. Thank you. Love this brand.


I was sceptical about this product but haven't felt so good in ages after taking Gut Works. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it's been absolutely amazing.


Gut Works really worked for me - I've had no bloating for example. I feel everything is back to normal again... no clothes strangling my stomach mid afternoon, no rushes to the bathroom and shorter stays once I'm in there! Very pleased. Thanks Dr Vegan!


I regard Debloat & Detox almost as a miracle product. My condition improved virtually overnight having taken my first capsule. Cannot praise this highly enough.


After a few days of taking these my digestive system felt so much better, well worth trying.


I felt the difference within a few days of taking these. They made a massive difference to how I felt. I now feel normal again - which is a nice feeling.


Been taking these for 4 days and noticed a massive difference. I used to be really bloated and get cramping on a daily bases, since taking these I'm pain and bloated free. & I've tried numerous medication but these beat them all hands down, thank you DR.VEGAN :)


I have noticed instant results. I am about to order my second month's worth. I suffer with really bad bloating.


This is the second week of taking these capsules and I have had only one episode of stomach cramps/bloating, whereas before I was having them daily. Thank you.


Although it took a while to notice a marked difference, I am now beginning to notice and feel a difference. I feel less bloated and my clothes don't feel as tight.


Already feeling the benefits. Great products.


I find that these products I bought have helped me considerably. Thank you.

Mr Hughes

I suffer with IBS and gut works seem to help my stomach feels a lot better. I will keep taking them.


Since taking Debloat & Detox and Gut Works my ibs is calmer. If I don't take it I’m in pain. The Omega 3 has helped with joint pain.


I have seen an improvement to my IBS for the 1st time, after trying so many probiotics and other remedies. This is the 1st time I've seen a change for the better, ever!


Your service is excellent. Everything has arrived on time and really helped my condition which has improved my quality of life. Thank you so much for that.


Love the Dr Vegan Gut Works and Debloat and Detox, they have helped my stomach enormously, delivery is quick and also nice to receive a free pill box with first order and to get a discount when purchasing a bundle.


So far I feel that these are making me less bloated and more comfortable after eating.


I purchased the bundle for your gut and bloating. I have been using the gut packet for IBS and since I started I have had no issues. My husband has been taking the other packet and there has been an amazing difference in his bloating in just one week. We will definitely continue to take them. In fact I think I might try the debloat as well!


I made a purchase and have to say I am happy. I purchased a bundle which was for gut health and a detox, so I saved some money. I changed from my previous brand of vitamins as I was really surprised to see that they said free from additives, etc but in fact they had bulking agents and binders.


I have the debloat they are the best I've taken on the menopause I have joint pain in my legs so now I am ordering the duo bundle, so pleased I got to know Dr vegan, thank you.


Excellent product worked really well, stomach felt less bloated, took this product whilst on holiday as well which worked really well, felt my natural rhythm restored, highly recommended.


Simple!!! It works.


I have these on subscription now so I guess that says it all. Digestive system is very poor but definitely less bloated.


I was very sceptical when I first started taking these. They took about 3 weeks before I noticed anything. Been taking them for about 3 months and I have no bloating. I also take Debloat and Detox which are very good. Give both a try but be prepared they are not an overnight solution.


Prompt delivery. Only 2 days in with my supplements but good results so far.

Ms Audemars

First time buying from Dr Vegan so you can get a 10% discount on your order. Been taking it for two weeks now & acid reflux is a lot better. Feeling less tired and sluggish. Give it a try.


Since using this product for the last 3 weeks I’m already seeing a difference with my gut health, I suffer from ibs and it’s really helping with bloating etc. will def be ordering more.

easy to swallow
kind on stomach


of people who take Gut Works® enjoy relief within 4 weeks or less

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Why take Gut Works®?

Combats IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, digestive discomfort, fatigue and more
Prebiotic and probiotic with 50 billion live cultures
6 clinically proven bacteria strains for complete gut health

Why take Debloat & Detox?

Combats bloating and relieves digestive discomfort
Eliminate toxins and naturally purify the liver
Night-time detox - wake up feeling refreshed and at your best
Gut Health Bundle

Effective ingredients

What to expect?

1 Month

Over 50% of users found relief from their gut health symptoms by week 4. People enjoy relief from symptoms such as bloating, excessive wind and gas, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and acid reflux / heartburn.

1 Week

Enjoy healthier bowel movements within 2 days. Flatulence and bloating will be reduced.

1 Month

Over 50% of users found relief from their gut health symptoms by week 4. People enjoy relief from symptoms such as bloating, excessive wind and gas, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and acid reflux / heartburn.

2 Months

Experience improved energy levels. Sleep and mood are likely to be improved.

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Questions? We have answers:

Can I take Gut Works® alongside Debloat & Detox?

Yes, Debloat & Detox and Gut Works® can be taken together and are very commonly done so to provide complete daily support for your gut health and gut microbiome. They also form our bestselling Gut Health Bundle.

When is the best time to take Gut Works®?

Gut Works® should be taken at least 20 minutes before or after hot food or drinks and ideally on an empty stomach. Probiotics are extremely sensitive to heat, which is why it's important to take them well before or after any hot food or drink. You can take your Gut Works® capsule at any time of day.

Also remember to store your pouch and refillable pill tin in a cool, dry place and away from warm air, moisture or direct heat.

Can probiotics and Gut Works® be taken over the long term?

This is a common question about probiotics. Whilst there can be some exceptions to this rule, the general answer is yes, it’s safe and often recommended to take your probiotics daily to keep your gut microbiome healthy.

Can my child take Gut Works®?

Although our supplements are formulated for adults, Gut Works® is safe for teenagers and older children, subject of course to the child being of average size and weight for their age. Gut Works® is a high-strength probiotic, so we would advise for a child under the age of 13 to look at a child-friendly probiotic.

Need advice? No problem, you can email our expert nutritionists at who are always happy to help and advise.

Is there any research on Debloat & Detox?

Yes. At DR.VEGAN® we're passionate about using research and clinical trial data to really understand health issues and to formulate the most effective supplements with the most effective ingredients to address people's health goals.

Our Gut Health Survey of over 800 women and men in September 2022, including 251 people who take Debloat & Detox, showed 80% of people who take it find it effective at relieving bloating, excessive wind and gas, constipation and stomach cramps when taken daily. The research also showed 50% of people begin to enjoy relief from symptoms within 2 weeks of starting to take Debloat & Detox and 85% enjoyed relief from symptoms within 4 weeks.

Read more about the research in 'How to beat bloating: the research'.


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