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Gut Works®

10 years of feeling heavy and sluggish. GONE! Gut Works has made me feel like myself again. I honestly couldn’t be without it now. Thank you! It took about 3 days to feel the difference and 2 weeks to really notice, bloating gone and tummy flatter.


I've used many different types of probiotics in the past, and this is by far the best one, I take every morning and have no more bloating, and I'm less sensitive to foods I couldn't eat before.

Emma Coils

This has significantly reduced my bloating / constipation and has made sure I go to the toilet daily without any discomfort. I would thoroughly recommend.

Carolyn Seal

Really happy with this. Has helped my IBS so much my husband started taking it and it’s helped him too.

Sheila Riddoch


This is my second lot can I just say I really can’t believe the difference I don’t wake up in morning with aching bones as much and no itchy skin generally feel lot better in myself.

Louise Dewsnap

I have noticed a remarkable difference in my symptoms, less breast pain, irritability and lighter periods. Been taking for a month now. I ordered menofriend by mistake, think I meant to perimenofriend, so will move onto that next month.

Claire Meehan

Since I have started taking this, I sleep so much better! I’ve also noticed that my thinking process has very much improved. I’m so impressed and relieved because menopause symptoms have been plaguing me for a long time.


Love these supplements, they are great as when taken with my HRT, great for brain fog and insomnia. Tried over a couple of months and bought these again.


Stay Calm®

This has definitely made a huge difference to my anxiety levels and has also given me a huge sense of calm in situations that would normally cause me stress. I take this religiously every day and would not be without it.


Definitely helps with my anxiety and reassuring to know I have them.

Jean Yull

I take at night with my dinner and I definitely feel less anxious in the morning.


These are great during my menopause, helps take the edge off being stressed and relaxes you.

Gail Calvente

Hair Saviour®

I’m 51 and in my menopause and my hair was thinning, especially around the front hairline, I saw these advertised and thought I’d try them… and I’m glad I did, they work! Slowly my hair is growing back at the front and the sides of my hair are actually growing for once!!

Liz Coyle

My hair thinned a lot after my second pregnancy and never really recovered. After spending years frustrated with it I bought Hair Saviour thinking I had nothing to lose but not expecting much. Within weeks of taking it quite sporadically, I had new hair growing all over my head and now, 6 months in, my hair is so much thicker than it was. It really has worked for me and I'm so pleased.


I have actually seen improvement in my hair and I’ve only used it for a month. I have been combining it with biotin and the is 👌🏼

Eileen Akinosho

I’ve only been taking it for 5 weeks and I can see a difference already! My hair is in much better condition, my nails have grown, my eyebrows have grown as have my eyelashes. I am so impressed.


Daily Multi-Vitamin

Been taking only two months but feel slot better health wise.

Karen Dempster

I've had bloods recently including iron which I was pleased to say was really good! It has been low in the past when I had different supplements so I'm glad these ones work and are reliable. I will keep taking them I'm very happy with my subscription.


Since taking this product it has been like night and day. Feeling so much better mood wise and more energy. Have recommended to friends who are feeling a tad low at the moment.


I started with Debloat & Detox which worked great. Then I changed this product to the Multi-Vitamins - wow my nails have not been this long in ages and my skin and hair great improvement. And I take the Magnesium at night for my joints. So happy and grateful I found these products.


Debloat & Detox

This product saved my life, I have an auto immune syndrome and this REALLY REALLY helped me, don't fell like I was 9 months pregnant anymore, my skin is not red anymore, I feel fabulous.


I have suffered with IBS symptoms for a year now and in 1 month my bloating and constipation has almost gone - I've had 1 or 2 instances this month compared to every single day... I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop taking them and I’m also going to try gut works. Thank you for improving my everyday life, Dr. Vegan

Nikki Ledwidge

Debloat and Detox is now my GO TO ahead of a night out - it really does work and no hangover in sight! Magnesium then ensures a great night's sleep - it is the best magnesium product on the market in my experience. Thank you!


Excellent product which works well even if you take less than the recommended dose. I have recommended Debloat and Detox to some of my clients and they have also been impressed.

Healing Harmony

Curcumin & Turmeric

Have been using this for roughly 3yrs and notice a great improvement with arthritic knee. Would highly recommend.

Linda Anderson

As an integral part of my fight against arthritis I am never without this product. I have tried others but Dr Vegan is by far the most effective.


Brilliant product. Since I've been taking this turmeric supplement, I've had no pain in my shoulder. I had pain for a year and was taking strong painkillers, my friend recommended these and now I'm pain free! And the service is brilliant.


Easy to swallow, no side effects, not too expensive. Helps with my digestion and arthritis.


Skin Saviour®

I use these daily and has made such a difference to my skin.

Miss C Linton

Fantastic product.

Dawn Brockman

Fantastic product, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin, I was becoming conscious of my skin thinning, and becoming more sensitive as I aged, this product is amazing.

Leanne Dinning

I’ve been taking the skin saviour probiotics for about a month and I have to say the results are better than when I take collagen. My skin (I'm in my 40’s) looks brighter and clear and at the risk of too much detail; bowel movements have become regular as clockwork! Will definitely keep trying them - good price and cheaper than collagen!


Vegan Omega 3

Another great product that I use. Really helps me and my joints, as I love to regularly work out at the gym. At 54 I’ve really noticed the difference since taking them.

Mandy Stewart

The omega 3 supplements is way better than the cheap over the counter ones. Dr. Vegan support team was extremely helpful to sort out promptly a mistake that I made on the shipping address.


Excellent product. No horrid gelatine capsules.


À voir sur le long terme


Ashwagandha KSM-66®

Ashwagandha does exactly what it says; feeling the calming effects very quickly within a few days.

David Stuart

Felt the benefits of Ashwagandha KSM-66 had been suffering from anxiety but taking this calmed me and I’ve been able to sleep better.

Ms Sandfield

Best night's sleep. Cannot be without this.

Ms Cade

Really noticed the difference after taking this, felt a lot calmer.


Vegan Nights®

These Vegan nights capsules help towards helping me sleep. I also take other meds and capsules to go with these.


From the first night I could see how these tablets worked so well! Love them.

Alexandra Bull

I find that these do work, I take 30 mins before I want to sleep and I sleep all night, even if I get up to to go the loo I get straight back to sleep again. No muzzy head in the morning either. Very good.

Mrs Cary

Having tried the Vegan Nights 3 times now I can say that they work brilliantly for me. I have felt more rested & know that I have slept deeper than previously. Being new to working shifts I think these are going to be invaluable! Thank you.



Helps my restless legs. The only thing that helps. Very happy with my purchase.


This worked immediately for me. I used to suffer terrible night pain in my legs and also get restless legs. This has completely stopped. I take 2 capsules on an evening and I have never had the leg problems since, I would highly recommend.


Excellent product. Have been taking for several years and would be lost without it.


This product really helps with the pain I was experiencing in my legs at night due to sciatica.

Jo Williams

PMS Hero®

This was the first product that I bought from Dr Vegan and it is wonderful. It eliminated a number of ailments, including mood swings and bizarrely it also seemed to calm me and give me more patience in stressful situations. I would not be without this product, and given the Dr Vegan range, I know that I can transition through to the Peri-menopause product when I need to.

S Mason

Have taken for a couple of months now, big noticeable difference with my second month of using pre cycle. No sore tender breasts, moods were not as extreme, was not as tired. For someone who has suffered from extreme pms, these are a welcomed benefit.


I have been taking the PMS hero vitamins and have noticed a big difference in my symptoms, I was virtually sinking into depression every month before my period, had extreme cravings and bad cramps and that has all got so much better. I would say I still have some very light pms symptoms but nothing like it was and I'm often surprised when my period comes! I have only been taking them consistently for a month so maybe in a few months it will be even better. Have recommended to many friends.

Alice Jarvie

I am now on my 4th month and honestly can’t believe how wonderful this supplement is. I was considering (for the hundredth time) going to the GP for an antidepressant as my PMs anxiety was so significant. I now don’t even know when my period is coming, as my mood is so much more stable. I’ve recommended this supplement to anyone who’ll listen. I now have an ongoing subscription alongside Ashwagandha. It seems to be a truely remarkable supplement. Dr Vegan I am very grateful. Thank you 🙏🏼


pH Hero®

This product has helped my elderly mother enormously, she hasn't had 1 uti since using them.

Helen Sleaford

I have fell in love with pH Hero. My bladder has calmed down to the point I'm not running to the loo every half hour, I now go go twice a day and not waking up through the night is a true blessing. I am so grateful to you Dr Vegan you have changed my life. Thank you.

Ms Danson

I have been taken theses for over a month and can feel a difference, I used to always feel as though I had a uti lurking. So far feel different, feel more normal, less urgency. Let's see how we go - one year had 6 utis, so let's hope we have zero.


Have noticed a difference since taking these don’t feel bloated at all stomach feels more comfortable no excess wind.


Brain Fuel®

I give these to my 15 year old son who is in Year 11 revising for his GCSEs. He has been taking the Brain Fuel tablets for a few months and his ability to concentrate has significantly improved!


I can now concentrate at work. Recommended to my friends who are struggling with brain fog from menopause!

Mrs Parker

I took these while revising for my A-Levels and while doing them, and they helped me to stay focussed and motivated.

Kadijah Sajawal

After just a few weeks I’ve noticed much clearer thinking and concentration, especially later in the day.



Amazing products. More energy after just one dose of ultra energy!


Did not think these would be as good. I was wrong! Had much more energy and good for someone who doesn’t have coffee.


I have been taking this for almost a month now and appear to have more energy throughout the day, not feeling so sluggish, which has also helped to lose a few pounds in weight, shall continue to take UltraEnergy 😀


Ultra Energy has really helped me Ive noticed the difference just after two weeks after taking them.


Vitamin B12

My B12 injections stopped during Covid after being on them for over 20yrs. I started to feel dreadful. So i tried Dr Vegan capsules & found they helped just as much if not more than the injections & still take them now.

Annabel Baker

I am deficient in B12 & these really help to build my levels back up. So i am not exhausted all the time.

Annabel Baker

I noticed a difference in myself after only 3 or 4 days. More energy, more stamina just feeling more like my old self.


Its very good, price and quality are excellent.


Bone & Muscle Support

Great for recovery between training days, allowing me to keep hit my targets.

Connor McDonald

So far so good.. seems to have made a great difference to my muscles xxx.


I've had a long standing muscle strain but since taking this it has eased considerably.


Overall I trust these supplements a lot more than most I've tried and have ordered a couple again. I would get them all again.


Vitamin D3

When I started taking Dr Vegan's D3 tablets I was very low in vitamin D3. Now my GP informs me that my D3 levels are more than satisfactory. Thank you very much for providing this product. Vegan Vitamin D3 tablets are very difficult to find.


I’ve been using Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 from Dr.Vegan for about 4months and I am very satisfied with the results. I have more energy and feeling very good 👍


I noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels within the first few days. Would highly recommend!


Brilliant to have such high doses in one capsule. Thank you.


Gentle Iron & Vitamin C

Been taking these for about three years and they certainly help me get the right vitamins for my body as I am vegan.

Ms Pridding

It has been an effective way to increase my iron levels to an acceptable level without the side effects which often accompany iron supplements.

H Greig

I trust this product implicitly. Thank you. Being a vegan, with a tendency towards anemia, this product has bought stability to my health and conscience. Thank you Dr Vegan.

Jackie Burleigh

Been taking these for a few years and am healthy and well.

Janice Pridding


Effective product that reduced my blood sugar from high to low.

Mary Noah

I can always tell when my blood sugar levels are becoming erratic, I have brief highs followed by exhausted lows. Since using this product my energy has remained constant, so its doing something positive.


Amazing product, fast dispatch and delivery. Definitely recommend.


Been taking Dr Vegan products for a while. Amazing service quality, products and great communication whenever seeking advice.



This has helped reduce my cholesterol to being back down to healthy levels. Really impressed.


Great product (HeartPro) and good value for money would recommend to anyone.

Mrs Dowd

Feel really good with this new addition to my daily routine. Really noticed less anxiety.

Ms Cade

Been on these for a month now and hard to say if they are doing anything. I trust they are otherwise wouldn't keep taking them.


Screen Eyes™

Immediate benefit - subtle eyesight improvement, enough to reassure me (i'm very sensitive - aware of even very slight differences with my body) Thanks.


I've been taking Screen Eyes daily for 14 months and I'm now aged 90. I've been monitored at Addenbrookes Hospital for Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and possible glaucoma. At my recent checkup my condition was stable and my annual eye test has found one eye could read 3 rows lower than 12 months ago so my prescription has changed, and Screen Eyes must be working!


These make my eyes much less tired and dry since I started three weeks ago.


I spend a number of hours every day looking at a screen for my work and this has definitely helped with eye strain.


Pregnancy Multinutrient

I take the Curcumin & Turmeric, Multivitamin, Magnesium and Debloat & Detox. Sounds a lot - I am vegan and I've never felt as well.


Always excellent service from Dr Vegan, easy to order and change your schedule. Feeling much better since I started taking my Dr Vegan supplements.


In the first month I noticed a little difference (PMS Hero), but it was in the second month where the effect was immediate. It was unbelievable. I am sleeping so much better, I don't get irritable or moody, I don't get cramps and I'm not as bloated.


Loving these vitamins and their service! Their emails provide clear information about each one I've bought. Will continue to use them.



Delighted with this.

Mrs Osborne

Does what it says on the website.


Good product, take it regularly, always arrives on time.

Mrs Miles5

Due to prescribed medications I was suffering from brain fog. Being creative and having good focus is my job, and I can honestly say that choline has helped me. I still have days when neurotransmitters aren't firing at full capacity, but these are definitely fewer than before, and I'm hoping that as my medications reduce things will improve even more.


Daily Multi-Vitamin (free month)

Fast delivery and a great product I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and my 'brain fog' is clearing since taking the Multi Vitamin and D3.


I'm a Dr, recently became vegan, initially tried to maintain nutritional needs with minimal supplementation and unprocessed diet, but still developed iron and possibly riboflavin deficiency. Found the multivitamins + Omega 3s had the perfect ratios I was looking for without unnecessary extras. Would highly recommend.


I started with Debloat & Detox which worked great. Then I changed this product to the Multi-Vitamins - wow my nails have not been this long in ages and my skin and hair great improvement. And I take the Magnesium at night for my joints. So happy and grateful I found these products.


Since taking this product it has been like night and day. Feeling so much better mood wise and more energy. Have recommended to friends who are feeling a tad low at the moment.