How does your diet compare and support you?

What's your diet profile?

Struggling to focus or concentrate? Low on energy or feeling bloated? Suffering from anxiety? Or you may not be feeling 100%. You may be missing out on essential nutrients your body needs.

Our diet is always the first place to start for optimal health. Our free online Diet Profile is the 'Triage for nutrition', showing you the essential nutrients your body needs for core health goals, and the foods that provide them.

Create your FREE Diet Profile today, discover the nutrients your body needs and what you may be missing, and how you compare to thousands of others.

It's all about balance

Your immune health needs more than Vitamin C – it also needs Vitamin D & Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron, and more. Calcium isn't the only nutrient important for bones - Magnesium, Vitamin D & Vitamin K are all also essential for healthy bones. Vitamin B12 isn't only vital for your energy, it's also necessary for optimal brain performance and heart health.

These are just a few examples of why a varied and balanced diet is so important. Our expert nutritionists simplify your diet, the nutrients you're getting and what you're missing, why they're important, and recommend supplements your body actually needs.

Plant-based, ethical supplements

Led by science, formulated by doctors, specialists, and expert nutritionists, our plant-based supplements contain naturally sourced and clinically studied ingredients in their most bio-available and effective forms. All our ingredients are sourced from ethical and sustainable producers, there are zero nasty additives, and they're free of allergens and preservatives.

Our award-winning Daily Multi-Vitamin is the go-to formula to cover all your bases. Gut Works® is the most comprehensive pre and probiotic for digestive health, brain health and immune health, and 3x more effective than standard probiotics. MenoFriend® is the UK's #1 natural alternative to HRT, and relieves symptoms for 88% of customers. Discover our full range and how they create a better you.

Create a better planet

DR.VEGAN® supplements are delivered in 100% plastic-free and certified home-compostable pouches, in recyclable cardboard boxes through your letterbox, so you don't have to stay in. There's no unnecessary packaging or waste.

You also receive your complimentary free DR.VEGAN® Pill Tin with your first order which you just refill and take anywhere with you, in your handbag or jacket, or just swap the clutter of plastic and glass bottles in your kitchen with your stylish Pill Tin.

Our customers have already helped save over 15 tonnes of plastic waste.