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GlucoBalance® is a science led plant-based formula to manage blood glucose and blood sugar levels and insulin function. Including Chromium, Cinnamon, Fenugreek Seed, Bitter Melon, Inositol and Apple Cider Vinegar at optimal levels in their most bioavailable form, GlucoBalance® helps protect against the highs and lows of blood sugar, supporting balanced short and long-term blood glucose levels and glucose metabolism.

Plastic-free and compostable
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What our customers say...

I can always tell when my blood sugar levels are becoming erratic, I have brief highs followed by exhausted lows. Since using this product my energy has remained constant, so its doing something positive.


Amazing product, fast dispatch and delivery. Definitely recommend.


Been taking Dr Vegan products for a while. Amazing service quality, products and great communication whenever seeking advice.


These supplements are amazing. I started to feel better within a few weeks. It was gradual, until one day I realised I actually felt great! The company really care about their customers - I had a query about not receiving my shipment, they replied straight away, it turned out I had put the wrong address on the order, so it was entirely my fault. They were courteous and really helpful.


Life changing supplements! I started taking Gut Works and Stay Calm three weeks ago and they have already had such a huge impact on my overall health.


Excellent product and excellent customer service too. I have recommended your products to 3 friends already.


Brilliant service with great product. Thank you.

Dr Gillings

Simply brilliant. I ordered some vitamins from Dr Vegan on a Tuesday afternoon. They arrived well packaged the next day. The website was intuitive, packed with useful information.


Excellent product. Excellent price. Outstanding service.


Fantastic products - and awesome service! I have been using MenoFriend for a few months now and definitely feel so much better.


Have only been taking your supplements for a few days but the difference is outstanding.


As always, brilliant service from Dr Vegan. After parcel arrives, Dr V sent an email further clarifying the product with lots of advice. Greatly appreciated.


Just started using these but so far everything is going great...


Why take our

Manage blood glucose
For healthy blood glucose metabolism
Healthy blood sugar
Supports your insulin function
Developed by experts
Unique comprehensive formula
Helps maintain blood glucose levels
Chromium, Fenugreek, Bitter Melon
Daily balance
Helps protect against highs & lows
100% vegan, zero additives or animal ingredients
GlucoBalance® GlucoBalance® GlucoBalance® GlucoBalance®

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