Vitamin B12 2000ug

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2000ug highly absorbable Vitamin B12

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These B12 capsules are so very good. Without them i would have no energy at all. I was on B12 injections for over 20 years. Then covid hit & my GP surgery stopped giving them. I was sent some B12 tablets but they did not suit me at all, I then sent off for these B12 capsules & have been on them ever since.

Ms Baker

My nails are stronger and growing so well - the first thing I noticed. Sleep has improved massively, which could be by product of a quieter mind less stress.


These B12 capsules are so easy to swallow & they keep my low B12 up at the right levels so i have gained my energy back thankfully.


I used to get the B12 injections - I feel these are much better and I don't feel so tired. Thanks.


Best vitamins I've had. B12 has given me so much energy, I was very down but taking these I've felt great 👍👌.


Blown away with how subtle these are on my stomach . . Never have b12 capsules where I can take in empty stomach . Not sure it's advised ? But it's perfectly fine for me no tummy ache 💖💖💖


I used to be deficient in Vitamin B12 (determined from blood tests) and now I'm not! Dr Vegan have always been very efficient.


Great product, great service. Always used these B12 capsules and I feel good everyday.


Bought the Vitamin B12 two weeks ago and feel amazing.


I've been taking these for some time and they really help my extreme fatigue. I stopped taking them for a week and it was very evident that I needed them.


Ever since taking B12 I've felt much better in my energy and mentally.


Since taking this I've been very active and enjoying life. Should have taken the B12 years ago. Thanks.


Definitely feel fantastic since taking these. Recommend them to friends and family.


Far exceeds other brands in performance and delivery.


Love them, I really struggle with fatigue and I have seen a difference with these even in just a few days.


I'm already feeling less tired so I can honestly say these work.


I definitely felt a difference after taking these and knowing they are vegan gives me peace of mind.


I have been taking Ďŕ Vegan Vitamin B12 supplements for almost a year now and my SLEEP and general wellbeing have certainly improved! Many thanks Dr Vegan!


I take vitamin B12 and I have a lot more energy in the afternoons they’re really very good.


Great service. Highly recommend the Vitamin B12.


Delivery really quick. Only taken tablets for 2 days but feel better 🙏

Mrs Ritchie

A very good reliable service. I feel better so much more energy taking these.


Easy to use also as sublingual just by opening the capsule. Tasty too!


So easy to take & my energy level has gone up a lot in the last month. Great price too.


My energy levels have improved greatly since taking B12... very satisfied.


These capsules are easy to swallow, and the service Dr.Vegan provides is second to none. Highly recommend.


I haven't been taking vitamin B12 for long so I'm not sure its completely in my system yet but, I have been going for a decent walk everyday with my pooch and some of the hills are not nice. So, I can confirm energy wise they are working.


A good energising supplement.


I am very delighted with the B12 capsules. They were delivered promptly in a good secure package.


I feel so much better since taking vitamin B12. I also get a good nights sleep.


Noticed an improvement straight away after taking B12.


Excellent product well worth the money.


Starting to feel the benefits would recommend.


Absolutely feeling more energetic.


Excellent product. Love the package and how they come through your letter box. Delighted.

Mrs Warburton

Great product at a good price.


Excellent product very pleased will definitely be back for more.


Amazing B12 and Magnesium. The best in UK.

Miss Martinovic

My capsules arrive on time each month & i don't have to worry about running out of them. I have the B12 capsules & they are doing me good. Much better than other brands.

easy to swallow
kind on stomach

Essential for plant-based diets

Vitamin B12 is a common deficiency in low-meat or non-meat diets. It plays an essential role in the growth and division of your body's cells and the forming of red blood cells in your body. Vitamin B12 helps keep your nervous system healthy and helps release energy from your food. A deficiency of B12 can cause feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

5 Signs of low Vitamin B12

Why take Vitamin B12?

Optimal level 2000mg, most bio-available form, vegan methylcobalamin
Supports daily energy
Reduces tiredness and helps fight fatigue

For plant-based diets

Addresses natural deficiencies in vegan and vegetarian diets
Supports your psychological function and a healthy nervous system
Essential for red-blood cell production
Vitamin B12

Effective ingredients

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Questions? We have answers:

What is the best time to take Vitamin B12

B vitamins are best taken in the morning after waking up. This is because of their energy-increasing abilities. It is due to this reason we would advise against taking your B vitamins in the evening to prevent disruption to your sleep.

How long does B12 take to work?

It can very much depend on a number of factors including your diet, lifestyle, age, weight, exercise levels, any existing health conditions and the current levels of your B12 and B Vitamins. Our Vitamin B12, for example, is very popular among those who have a deficiency due to their diet or other factors, and who do a lot of exercise and expend a lot of energy for which they need additional support.  

Some people notice the benefits within hours or a day or two of taking Vitamin B12, for others however they notice the difference over a period of a few weeks, or when they stop taking them for a few days. As such, it really does depend on each individual. However, we’d hope that you would begin to start feeling the benefits within 2-4 weeks once your body has adapted.

Can I take B12 with my B12 injections

Yes, this should be safe to do and many customers do take our Vitamin B12 alongside their B12 injections when they feel they need the additional support. However, we would advise you to consult your GP if you find that you need our supplement regularly alongside your B12 injections, as this may mean that you need to increase your dosage via injections.

I'm vegan. How much B12 do I need?

The recommended daily requirement of Vitamin B12 for adults is approximately 1.5 micrograms. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency due to inadequate dietary intake is much more common among plant-based and vegan diets because B12 primarily comes from animal foods. If your diet is vegan or plant-based and you’re not eating animal foods or foods fortified with Vitamin B12, it is likely you won’t be getting enough Vitamin B12.  

Opt for foods fortified with Vitamin B12 including yeast extract, such as Marmite or yeast flakes, some plant milk alternatives, soya yoghurts and breakfast cereals. alongside our Vitamin B12 supplement.


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All our products are plant-based, naturally sourced with zero nasty additives and certified home-compostable. By giving customers a sustainable, plastic-free supplement option, we've helped save over 15 tonnes of plastic from entering landfill.

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