Why our Vitamin B12 is so good

Your Vitamin B12 isn't known as 'The Energy Vitamin' for nothing, and we're sure your mind and body will feel the benefits over the coming days and weeks. Here we explain why Vitamin B12 is so vital for our energy metabolism, and much more.

How to take it?

  • Take one capsule a day with food.
  • We recommend taking your Vitamin B12 in the morning or at lunchtime to support your energy for the day ahead.
easy to swallow
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How it works?

From your daily energy, brain function and concentration to your immune health, there are many reasons why Vitamin B12 is so important.

Why it is important?

It is vital for the growth and division of your body's cells, and the forming of red blood cells and DNA in your body.

Vitamin B12 is one of the B Vitamins that help your body convert food into glucose, the source of energy in your body. It keeps you going every day and Vitamin B12 protects against tiredness and fatigue.

It also supports your psychological function, helps maintain a healthy nervous system, and supports your healthy immune system.

What are the signs of low B12?

If you're feeling weak or dizzy, having regular mouth ulcers, pale skin and pins and needles, these can all be signs of having too low Vitamin B12.

Learn more from our nutritionists in '5 signs you may be low in Vitamin B12'.

B12 in food

Vitamin B12 is found in almost all foods of animal origin so is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies among vegans.

Green plants do not provide Vitamin B12 and although it can be synthesized by some algae and bacteria, the bioavailability of Vitamin B12 from plant-based dietary forms is disputed.

To get B12 in your diet try foods fortified with Vitamin B12 such as cereals, vegan spreads and nutritional yeast flakes, and fortified plant-based milks.

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