How our Choline works

Far too often overlooked, Choline is part of the B-complex vitamin family. It is a water-soluble molecule absorbed by your body that goes straight to your liver, where it's converted to a fat-soluble vitamin called lecithin.

How to take it?

  • Take two capsules a day, with food.
  • You can take your two capsules together or separately. Taking two capsules a day ensures you're getting the essential nutrients vital for maintaining normal liver function and providing comprehensive liver support.
easy to swallow
kind on stomach

How it works?

Choline is classed as an 'essential vitamin' because the amount your liver produces is not enough to meet your body's needs, so you need to find it in your diet or through choline supplements.

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The role of choline

Choline has a role in a number of vital functions in your body, most importantly helping metabolise fats by transporting fats away from the liver and protecting against conditions such as fatty liver disease. It's also an essential nutrient supporting your cognitive function.

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Incorporating Choline in your diet

The best dietary sources of Choline are eggs, along with beef, fish and poultry, so it is challenging to gain sufficient levels of Choline on a plant-based diet.

There are some good sources of Choline in vegan and plant-based diets including tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, wheat and even peanut butter. However, few match the level of Choline in eggs so it is a very commonly taken supplement among those following a vegan diet as well as those looking to protect and support liver health.

Detoxify your liver with Choline

Choline is responsible for keeping the liver clear of fats which can build up and cause harm. Choline also regulates the gene expression of pathways in the body needed for liver detoxification.

Add in foods like broccoli and cauliflower to your diet to increase the amount of Choline you are getting.

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