PMS Hero®

PMS relief ▪︎ 60 capsules ▪︎ 2 a day


PMS Hero® is our advanced formula of clinically tested botanicals, vitamins and minerals to relieve common symptoms of your period including cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, mood swings and irritability. With 12 naturally sourced ingredients Including Shatavari, Dong Quai, Bromelain, Chaste Tree, Folate and B Vitamins, PMS Hero® balances your hormones for a better mood, body and mind every day. 9 out of 10 women who take PMS Hero® enjoy relief from symptoms. 

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2x more effective than standard remedies
30 day money-back guarantee
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I've had terrible moods due to PMS for as long as I can remember. I've meditated, took anti depressants and everything I can think of to help. This is the first month I genuinely feel calm and content during my PMS, and I didn't expect it to work! I've subscribed for them monthly 👌


The Holy Grail. I've been taking PMS hero for 2 months now and I feel on top of the world, I have never felt so good. I have suffered with horrendous periods and pms for years now... I have been to the doctors numerous times for it and been on countless medications and nothing ever worked. However the past 2 periods I have had zero pms symptoms and my period has been so light and painless. I have had no low moods or mood swings in between and I feel so healthy and clean inside, I feel like I am on top of the world. Thank you so much Dr vegan, I am so glad I found you because you have changed my life for the better.


These have really helped with my moods and bloating.


For anyone with teenage girls out there... these are incredible. Two months in and she's had literally no symptoms either month. No cramps, headaches or emotional craziness.


Just over a week in and if things continue as they are, a life changing product. I’ve come off a prescribed SSRI that I was prescribed for PMS, have been taking x2 of the PMS Hero and feel like the version of myself I remember - much calmer, much more consistent and more energetic.


My nearly 13 year old had benefited from taking these. Because of her age, she only has 1 of the suggested 2 a day but we have really noticed a difference in her mood.

Mrs Thomson

I've been taking PMS Hero for 2 weeks nearly and I already feel a huge difference, my hormones feel more relaxed and controlled so I'm not experiencing as many mood swings. I feel so much better in myself already.


Got these to try to regulate my hormones as the older I get the worse the moods, cramps and bleeding I get. Easy to swallow and when taken regularly before my period I notice a reduction in cramps and hormonal acne.


In the first month I noticed a little difference, but it was in the second month where the effect was immediate. It was unbelievable. I am sleeping so much better, I don’t get irritable or moody, I don’t get cramps and I'm not as bloated.


Really great product, I'm really happy with it.


So far so good at relieving my pms symptoms and only on the first cycle.


These are very good for my PMS. In the first month I've seen results.


Have only just started taking stay calm and pms hero so will see if they help but great service, lovely packaging and quick delivery.


These changed my life! I truly recommend.

Ms Melissa

I have only been using for a few weeks but noticed a positive difference in symptoms this period, will continue using and hope this continues in future cycles.


Why take our
PMS Hero®?

Relieves PMS symptoms
Mood, irritability, cramps, breast tenderness
For your whole cycle
Relieves PMS discomfort
Balances hormones
Shatavari, Vitamin B6, Chaste Tree
Mood & Muscles
Fights fatigue, eases cramps
Energy & metabolism
Chromium, B Vitamins
100% Vegan
Free of allergens and additives
PMS Hero® PMS Hero® PMS Hero® PMS Hero®

The surprising life impacts of PMS

PMS symptoms can have a debilitating impact on women's daily lives, and it's time that everyone is aware, including men and employers. A shocking 98% of the women surveyed do not feel productive or confident during PMS. Our PMS research explores the extent and impact of PMS symptoms, mental health, hormonal changes, exercise, dietary changes, education and the effectiveness of treatments for PMS. 91% of users find PMS Hero® to be effective in relieving PMS symptoms.


Is period poo a real thing?

Do you notice a change in your bowel movements before or during your period? You are not alone in this and there are reasons behind it. Period poo is a change in a women's bowel habits during that time of the month. Read more about what it is, the causes and the best vegan foods & vitamins to help.


Nutrition for PMS symptoms

Symptoms of your period can put a real damper on your daily life, especially in the days leading up to your period. In addition to PMS supplements, your diet can be the best remedy for easing PMS symptoms like headaches, bloating & mood swings. Our expert nutritionist suggests diet tips you can make today...