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Its amazing, i cant tell you how much better i feel after months and months of feeling so bad, i would highly recommend this product, i cant tell you how soul destroying it is trying to find something to make you feel better and nothing works, well this does, believe me.


Works wonders! So impressed with Dr Vegan products.


Excellent product. Excellent price. Outstanding service.


Excellent product and excellent customer service too. I have recommended your products to 3 friends already.


I brought a product trusting all reviews I read, when I started taking the product myself it clearly showed I made the right decision and love the product very much and not going to stop using it.


Very good quality vitamins at a reasonable price and free delivery.


Such an efficient company, amazing products for vegans.


Arrived quickly, noticed an improvement almost immediately. 3 weeks in and getting better and better.


Excellent products, excellent advice, excellent service 👏.


Very quick delivery and great tin to keep capsules in.

easy to swallow
kind on stomach

'Gut-vagina axis'

refers to the complex communication and feedback system between the gut microbiome and the vaginal microbiome, which influences vaginal health and your overall health and well-being

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Why take pH Hero®?

Vaginal probiotic with 5 clinically studied strains, 20bn CFU
With Sea Buckthorn, Parsley, Nettle and Cranberry for UTI support
With Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Reuteri and Crispatus to support gastrointestinal health

Advanced natural formula

Supports vaginal flora by repopulating the vaginal microbiome
Includes prebiotics
100% vegan, zero nasty additives
pH Hero®

Effective ingredients

What to expect?

3 weeks

Enjoy relief from vaginal discomfort and associated symptoms within 3-4 weeks.

Improved resilience to vaginal dryness. 

Experience better overall digestion. 

6-8 weeks

Lower antibiotic resistance in UTI treatment. 

6-12 months

The recurrence of UTIs is reduced.

2 weeks

Begin to experience fewer symptoms of discomfort (including vaginal itchiness, pain upon urinating, urgency and frequency) as the urinary tract and vaginal pH balance reset within 2-4 weeks.

3 weeks

Enjoy relief from vaginal discomfort and associated symptoms within 3-4 weeks.

Improved resilience to vaginal dryness. 

Experience better overall digestion. 

4 weeks

Enjoy reduced symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and a healthy vaginal flora.

Vaginal candidiasis symptoms can be eliminated with significantly less vaginal discharge. 

6-8 weeks

Lower antibiotic resistance in UTI treatment. 

12 weeks

Vaginal pH is improved.

Overall, vaginal health improved and reduced vaginal atrophy symptoms.

Enjoy reduced burning, itching and overall vaginal discomfort.

6-12 months

The recurrence of UTIs is reduced.

1 year +

The recurrence of UTIs is reduced long-term.

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Questions? We have answers:

How can pH Hero® help my vaginal microbiome?

Probiotics help to keep the gut microbiome in check which then has a positive influence on the vaginal microflora. A healthy vaginal microflora is more resistant to the bacteria that cause BV.

How is pH Hero® different to Gut Works® or Skin Saviour®?

pH Hero® contains specific strains of probiotics that help promote a balanced pH vaginal microbiome, as well as cranberry, nettle and Sea Buckthorn to support urinary tract health, protect against vaginal dryness and maintain a normal menstrual flow.

Can I take pH hero® with other DR.VEGAN® probiotics?

You can. Our probiotics all serve different purposes and can safely be taken together.

Can pH Hero® help prevent UTIs?

Yes, whilst pH Hero® cannot treat UTIs (these must be treated with antibiotics), it can help prevent them. The cranberry in pH Hero® contains 'proanthocyanidins' which prevent E. coli from adhering to the bladder wall, and probiotics can correct the balance of microflora in the colon and prevent E. coli from spreading to the urinary tissues. Together, these ingredients will work to prevent UTIs.


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