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Living an active life means understanding your body and how best to support it, with balanced nutrition that meets all your daily requirements. 

Developed by expert nutritionists, DR.VEGAN's Diet Profile is fast, free to use - and gives you the inside track on your nutritional needs.  In just a few minutes you'll receive a fully personalised assessment. 

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DR.VEGAN® is a range of the highest quality supplements, certified by The Vegan Society.  They're free of allergens, gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, sugar, starch and any other nasty artificial ingredients. 

We use bio-available ingredients from sustainable, carefully selected sources - which means they work, they're kind to your body and don't damage the planet. 

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Not all foods are
created  equal

Everyone knows that a diet rich in fruit & vegetables will provide the fibre and Vitamin C to maintain natural immunity.  But many of us might not be aware if we're getting enough Vitamin B12 - essential for energy and mental performance

What about Iron and Magnesium for bones and mood? Or Zinc for skin? Choline for liver function, and other essential nutrients?

A great first steps is to check out the DR.VEGAN® expert nutritionists' tips on foods and what they do and don't provide.

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We want to minimise our impact on the world around us - which is why DR.VEGAN® supplements are free of animal products, synthetics, artificial ingredients and allergens. 

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