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Menopause resources for home and work

Menopause resources for home and work

We are passionate about supporting women to thrive through life. Our expert team provide resources on what happens leading up to, during and after menopause, what the impact is like across society and what you can do to help support.

The reality is that menopause impacts every person on this planet. Whether you're a woman experiencing menopause, or an employer wanting to understand menopause and support employees, or simply want to learn more, this resource bank is yours to read and share. 

On this page you can find all the resources you need to start your menopause conversation at home and at work:

  • How to start the conversation surrounding menopause
  • Menopause facts and the impact of menopause
  • Understanding menopause
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Diet and menopause
  • Menopause supplements
  • How to write a menopause policy
  • Menopause workplace speakers

    Starting the conversation about menopause

    'Breaking The Taboo' whether at work, home or elsewhere can be difficult due to the unnecessary stigma surrounding women's health. Menopause affects every family in the world and it can no longer be a taboo subject. Whilst not everyone is comfortable talking about personal experiences of menopause, it is important for women to know they can talk about it without being judged or shamed and ultimately be given the opportunity to speak.

    Tips for starting the menopause conversation in the workplace for employers and HR managers:

    Tip 1: Send out a calendar invite for a 30-minute session to everyone in the workplace. Everyone has a stake in menopause and should be given the opportunity to attend. The description should make it clear that it will be a safe space with no obligation to provide personal experiences, it has been created for the purpose of support, education and empowerment. 


    Tip 2: Start the session with the below video, which breaks the taboos surrounding menopause. This will help others ease into the topic and make them feel less intimated and alone.

    Watch the Menopause Roundtable Highlights

    Hear seven women discussing their menopause symptoms and their impact on their daily lives at home and work. 

    Our customers are passionate about helping #BreakTheTaboo and held a 'Menopause Roundtable' to break the ice and start the conversation. The conversation includes how menopause impacts everyone, including employers and family dynamics, as well as the shocking and surprising symptoms of menopause.

    Watch: Menopause Roundtable Highlights (7 mins)

    Tip 3: For workplace menopause sessions, we recommend raising the topic of what employees would like to be implemented in the workplace. Below are a few suggestions to improve the workplace for women experiencing menopause to get the ball rolling:

    • Training for managers to better understand menopause as an occupational health issue.
    • Workplace ventilation and temperature. 
    • A say in clothing and uniform material due to hot flushes.
    • Creating an organisational culture where women feel comfortable about discussing their symptoms and what impact that has on their careers.
    • Flexible working hours and day options, including working arrangements to help manage symptoms.
    • Representativity of women 45+ at a board level. 

      Menopause facts and the impact of menopause

      In March 2022 we conducted our Annual Menopause Survey of over 1,000 women going through all stages of menopause. 

      % menopausal women affected by symptoms

      The results highlight the 20 most common symptoms of menopause, the impact on mental and physical health, the impact of women going through menopause in the workplace, and the priorities for employers to better support women. 


      Understanding menopause

      Menopause is complex and it affects every women differently. While there are more than 20 common symptoms of menopause, there are over 100 official symptoms associated with menopause through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.


      Menopause Symptoms

      Some symptoms of menopause affect 70% of women, others affect 10% of women. While some women will sail through menopause with no symptoms at all, the majority of women will experience a variety of symptoms, and the impact of these symptoms on physical and mental health can be devastating on lives, relationships and jobs.  


      Diet and menopause

      Our diet is the foundation of our health and wellbeing, and it is even more important when going through menopause. What we eat and avoid can have a significant impact on menopause symptoms. 

      Our hormone health and nutrition experts explain the best foods to reach for and avoid during menopause to manage and avoid symptoms. 


      Menopause supplements

      MenoFriend® is the #1 natural remedy for relieving menopause symptoms. MenoFriend® is also a natural alternative to HRT, and can be taken alongside HRT to relieve symptoms where HRT doesn't. An acclaimed plant-based formula, 88% of MenoFriend users enjoy relief from all or some of their symptoms. 

      MenoFriend® is available for workplaces as part of health and wellbeing for employees, to enquire about prices and quantities please email team@drvegan.com

      Discover MenoFriend® and why customers feel the difference.

      How to write a workplace menopause policy 

      It's important for all employees to feel safe, valued and respected. In some countries there is a stigma surrounding menopause, it is therefore even more important that companies are explicit about supporting employees and there is a clear and accessible pathway to seek help.

      First, decide if your organisation will have a separate guide or whether the menopause policy will be embedded into existing company policy documents.

      Second, decide on where the policy will be displayed to be accessible for all should an employee require menopause support. This could be by publishing the menopause policy on the company's intranet, within an employee welcome pack and/or a company-wide email. Distribution is up to you and will be different for each organisation.

      Third, writing a menopause policy. It is reasonable to link the company's menopause policy with existing corporate strategy and HR strategy e.g. The company's values are to be inclusive and supportive to all.

      Resources to help write a menopause policy: 

      Menopause workplace speakers

      In our survey of 1,000 women we asked 'What more should employers be doing to support women going through menopause?' and 59% answered 'Provide education on menopause for all employees'.

      All businesses should have a menopause policy in place, provide education for all employees, and support for women going through menopause.

      We recommend a few selected companies and individuals in training and educating executives in menopause, and educating employees in menopause.

      Kathryn Colas

      Kathryn and her team provide comprehensive workplace training including interactive workshops, webinars, training programmes, and deliver accredited Professional Menopause Training Programmes for employees. 

      Claire Hattrick

      An author and regular guest on TV discussing menopause, Claire is a fantastic speaker who will engage your employees in menopause, how it affects women and what your company can do to provide essential support. 

      Get in touch at Clipboard Claire Menopause Support for Businesses

      Claire Roberts

      Claire is a Registered Nutritional Therapist qualified from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London. Claire's vision is to help women move into the menopause with support and knowledge, empowering them to take charge of their transition in a positive way. She understands what it is like to be ruled by your hormones and wants to help make a difference.

      Get in touch on Claire's website at Claire Roberts

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