Vegan Nights®

30 capsules ▪︎ 1 or 2 up to 2 hours before bedtime


Vegan Nights® is our advanced nootropic formula with clinically studied ingredients to help your mind relax for a better night's sleep. Including 5-HTP, L-Glycine, L-Theanine, with Magnesium, Zinc and Chamomile, it puts your mind and body at rest so you have complete sleep, helping you to relax and sleep so you recover and wake regenerated. If you experience anxiety or high cortisol, we recommend our Ashwagandha KSM-66® alongside Vegan Nights® for better sleep

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What our customers say...

Having tried the Vegan Nights 3 times now I can say that they work brilliantly for me. I have felt more rested & know that I have slept deeper than previously. Being new to working shifts I think these are going to be invaluable! Thank you.


I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever tried. I am able to get to sleep and when I wake I am also able to get back to sleep. This is transformational for me. I've been using it for about a year and I'm very happy with it.


Vegan nights has transformed my insomnia through the menopause - it has helped me get more sleep and if I wake up in the night to generally go back to sleep . I feel it’s value for money as it’s a blend of pure ingredients and not as expensive as similar products on the market.


Wow! For the first time in forever I got a full night's sleep! Thank you Vegan Nights - you are miraculous!


Definitely get a much better night's sleep when I take these. My brain shuts off more easily and my sleep quality if much higher. My husband is also now a convert!


I ordered Vegan nights with some scepticism but I have had the best nights sleep in years. They came with a free pill box and arrived quickly. Excellent service all round.


I get much better sleep with these so can't recommend them enough. Five star.


This really does help you to sleep. Highly recommend if you're like me and just couldn't sleep.


Started with two capsules for the first few nights and was astonished at the result... I immediately slept, peacefully and calmly, it was so lovely.


Normally have real problems sleeping but Vegan Nights has worked where everything else failed miserably.


I've been taking Vegan Nights and Ashwagandha, and definitely feeling the benefits. They make me feel so relaxed and I do have a better nights sleep.


Been taking these for two weeks and my sleep quality has improved so much that I close my eyes and next thing I know my alarm is ringing 🙂


Been using Vegan Nights to help me sleep as I've always been a light / bad sleeper. These definitely help me get to sleep and get back to sleep if I wake during the night (age related bathroom trips).


So far I have used Vegan Nights with the Ashwagandha for the past two nights and had much deeper sleep.


I started taking the ashwagandha and vegan nights supplements to help me get a better nights sleep and they do really help! I had taken ashwagandha for anxiety before but it was another brand from a different retailer but I do think the Dr. Vegan one is far superior and works well.


I have tried the Vegan Nights and found them very helpful as my sleep pattern was not very good.


Vegan nights is a game changer!


Took a couple of nights to take effect. Lovely sleep last night.


Just love my Magnesium and Vegan Nights - only take them when I need them and sleep so well when I do! Thank you!


Have tried various supplements from Dr.Vegan, been a help to me, feeling better and importantly sleeping better.


Great company to deal with very quick service. Early days, but the Vegan Nights seem to be working at promoting a good night's sleep.

Mr Wilson

As a 69 year old vegan, I use & enjoy your products. Stay Calm & Vegan Nights are particularly helpful. Thanks.

Mr King

Dr.Vegan nights pills are brilliant! They have really helped me over the past few months for relaxation and a great night sleep.... Highly recommend!


I saw the review for Vegan nights, checked with my GP that I can take it with my current medication and took the plunge!! I started with TWO capsules for the first few nights and was astonished at the result.....I immediately SLEPT, peacefully and calmly, it was so lovely. I have now dropped down to ONE tablet and backed it up with Magnesium as well, as this balance suits me better. Thank you Dr Vegan, peace at last.

Mrs Morgan

Vegan Nights are definitely helping me sleep better! Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Order arrived promptly and after 2 nights slept through the second night, great relief and result. Thank you!


Fantastic advice, super quick service and best of all - I slept all night! Didn't feel tired in the morning, felt fresh and happy. Will definitely be purchasing ‘Vegan Nights’ again.


Very impressed with these Vegan Nights. They have regulated my sleep pattern over the last three months. Rather than waking up at 5am I now sleep until 8.30am most mornings.

Mr Wilshere

Very impressed by Vegan Nights. I take one & one magnesium tablet, drop off quickly with no feeling sluggish next morning.


I am currently taking Vegan Nights and what a difference they have made already. I am much more relaxed going to bed and the quality of my sleep is so much better. Waking up more refreshed and ready to face the day. A wonderful product and I love the packaging. As a Nutritional Therapist I have no hesitation in recommending this product to my clients.


Really good nights sleep and no after effects the next day 👍


I've been taking Vegan Nights for about a month now, and noticed an improvement in my sleep quality and mood really soon after starting them.


Have been using vegan nights for my husband for a while, tried just magnesium but swapped back as vegan nights worked better.


Good service and product. Very professional organisation. I have found the vegan nights and ashwagandha to be very helpful.


Vegan Nights has made an amazing difference to the quality of my sleep. I have had years of waking multiple times each night and not being able to get back to sleep again. Have taken only one tablet each time and have slept through until early morning from Day1. Feel so much more rested and refreshed on waking. Have even slept much better on nights when I haven't taken them. Feel like my sleep pattern has had a 'factory reset'! Thank you so much.


I've been using Vegan Nights and they work for me .. thank you!


I take the Dr Vegan nights, I was waking up between 4 - 6 am every day and usually with a headache. I have suffered from headaches/migraines for 34 years now and finally starting to feel better the natural way. Thank you, Dr Vegan.


Love Vegan Nights! I took one tablet for the first night which helped a little bit, I slept 5 hours instead of the normal 4, and decided to take two tablets the next night onwards. I am now sleeping 8 hours which I used to find so hard to do! Still sometimes wake up a bit too early but can fall back asleep again (which I could never do before). Really pleased with these :)


Excellent service as always. I find Vegan Nights work very well.


I find that these do work, I take 30 mins before I want to sleep and I sleep all night, even if I get up to to go the loo I get straight back to sleep again. No muzzy head in the morning either. Very good.

Mrs Cary

Been using these for a while now and they work - get me to sleep and if I do waken during the night, I quickly go back to sleep and there are no after effects in the morning. Would recommend them.


Why take our
Vegan Nights®?

Complete Relaxation
Complete Sleep
5-HTP, L-Glycine
Calming Herbs
Mind and muscle recovery
5HTP, Magnesium
Created by experts
Recommended by nutritionists
More absorbable
Most bio-available formula
Vegan Nights® Vegan Nights® Vegan Nights® Vegan Nights®

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