Choline 600mg

60 capsules ▪︎ 2 a day

Our Choline (600mg) Bitartrate is more absorbable and vital for maintaining normal liver function and providing comprehensive liver support. Choline is required for your healthy lipid and homocysteine metabolism that metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy, and transport fats away from your liver, helping prevent fat build up. Choline can be difficult to gain in a plant-based diet and is an important nutrient during pregnancy, so it is also included in our recommended Pregnancy Multinutrient.
600mg Choline, highly absorbable
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I've had problems for a while with not being able to think clearly, especially if I have a virus or for a long time after recovering from one. I took this while I was trialling cutting eggs out of my diet, and when I stopped taking it, my brain got more "fuzzy" again. It took me a while to realise, but I've tried again to stop taking it and it seems to have the same effect. Maybe I just need more genetically than some people, or don't digest it well or something, but this has changed my life for the better.


Due to prescribed medications I was suffering from brain fog. Being creative and having good focus is my job, and I can honestly say that choline has helped me. I still have days when neurotransmitters aren't firing at full capacity, but these are definitely fewer than before, and I'm hoping that as my medications reduce things will improve even more.


Cannot recommend this highly enough. Great price and fast delivery. Loving my new little tin also.


Excellent product and excellent quality, good customer service. Thank you. Highly recommended.


Very pleased with my purchase 👍


I can recommend this to both vegan and non vegans alike for pure ingredients.


Good product and good service.


Great eco packaging and great product.


Its convenient and healthy. My liver function seems like a good idea.


I had my first order from Dr. Vegan. It has arrived very fast, sustainably packaged. I started taking my Choline capsules. So far so good. Thank you!


I've been taking Dr vegan choline for sometime now. It's a great supplement for regenerate the liver. I recommend.

Mr Lichtenfels

No hassle, next day delivery. Seems much cheaper than others selling choline! Tin is cute.


Super service, love the tin, started taking my Magnesium, Turmeric and Choline.


Good product good service.


I'm very happy with the Choline and the Dr Vegan service, plus I feel the product is good value for money.

S. Oliver

Very pleased with quality and price. Feeling benefit already.

Mrs Davies

I am very happy with my first order from this company. I shall be ordering again very soon, probably on a monthly basis. I can recommend this site to both vegan and non vegan alike for pure ingredients.

A. Collier

Excellent product and great value for money.


Dr Vegan’s products, service and sustainability are unbeatable in my opinion. I am a very very satisfied customer.


Good product, take it regularly, always arrives on time.


Why take our

Optimal level of 600mg
In Bitartrate form
Liver support
Transports fats away from the liver
Helps maintain a healthy liver function
Metabolises fat
Can be important for plant-based diets
Formulated for all diets
Bio-available for easy absorption
Good food source of Choline
Choline Choline Choline Choline

How our Choline works

Far too often overlooked, Choline is part of the B-complex vitamin family. It is essential for maintaining a healthy liver. Choline produces a substance required for removing cholesterol from your liver. Choline is also beneficial for heart health and is important during pregnancy as it is a key nutrient for developing babies.


The benefits of Choline and where to find it

Learn what choline is and does, the health benefits of choline, how much choline you need and the best food sources of choline.


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