Vegan grocery shopping list by nutritionists

Vegan grocery shopping list by nutritionists

Where to start? There are many delicious vegan foods now available to buy in mainstream supermarkets. However, it is certainly a myth that all vegan food is healthy, so be careful when deciding what to buy if you're vegan or deciding to reduce your meat or animal food consumption. You may also enjoy reading mistakes to avoid on a plant-based diet, which is useful if you're trying to eat more plant-based or thinking of taking part in veganuary.

Fortunately our team of experts, including Registered Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson, are here to share recommended and must-have vegan foods to add to your shopping trolley to help you reach your health goals. Debunked: the most common misconceptions about plant-based diets.

1. Nutritional yeast flakes

Nutritional yeast flakes are a rich source of B Vitamins and contain some Vitamin B12. B12 is known as the energy vitamin and our nutritionists have uncovered the signs of B12 deficiency in our article '5 signs you may be low in Vitamin B12'. Nutritional yeast flakes provide a cheesy taste to foods and can easily be added to pastas, pizzas and cheese alternatives.

2. Seaweed

Seaweed contains iodine which is essential for the thyroid gland. Some types of seaweed can be used as a substitute for bacon and can be added to many dishes. Learn more about why thyroid health is so important and tips for an underactive thyroid.

3. Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are particularly rich in sulforaphane which has multiple health benefits. Broccoli sprouts can be added to salads, pasta and used as a topping on toast. Try it!

4. Nut & seed butters

Nut and seed butters are an excellent source of healthy fats, and walnut butter especially contains plenty of Omega 3. Learn about why Omega 3 is so goof for your body. Peanuts and peanut butter contain coenzyme Q10 which is good for the brain and energy production.

We think you'll love to try our easy Granola Butter Energy Ball recipe.

5. Tempeh

Fermented tofu, called tempeh is an excellent source of protein that is richer in nutrients, including B Vitamins due to the fermentation process. Tempeh is easily digestible and makes an excellent meat substitute.

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