Why our Vegan Essentials Bundle is so good

Our Vegan Essentials Bundle combines the two most important nutrients for those on plant-based, vegan and vegetarian diets - Vitamin B12 and Vegan Omega 3. Another important nutrient you need on a vegan or plant-based diet is Choline because it is mainly found in animal foods. Discover if your body is gaining the nutrients it needs in our Diet Profilehere - it's free and only takes a few minutes.

How to take it?

Vitamin B12

Take one capsule per day with food.

You can take your B12 at anytime however we recommend taking it in the morning or during the day to support your energy for the day ahead.

Omega 3

Take your two Vegan Omega 3 softgels in the morning, daytime or evening, together or separately.

How it helps you?

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is vital for growth and division of your body's cells, and the forming of red blood cells and DNA in your body.

B12 is one of the B Vitamins that help your body convert food into glucose, the source of energy in your body. As a result, Vitamin B12 reduces tiredness and fatigue. It also supports your psychological function, helps maintain a healthy nervous system, and it is a vital nutrient for a healthy immune system.

Signs of being low in B12

If you're feeling weak or dizzy, having regular mouth ulcers, pale skin and pins and needles, these can all be signs of having too low Vitamin B12.

Learn more in '5 signs you may be low in Vitamin B12'.

Vegan Omega 3

Our Vegan Omega 3 contains the optimal level of 1000mg of Omega algae oil, with 300mg DHA and 150mg EPA, and has a host of benefits.

You can learn more in 'What is Omega 3 good for' and here's a short summary:
Heart Health: Supports the healthy function of your heart circulation and blood pressure.
Brain Health: Daily support for your brain health, memory, focus and concentration.
Joint Health: Improves joint health and mobility.
Skin Health: Supports healthy skin through reducing inflammation and protecting your skin against age related damage.
Vision Health: Essential daily support for your eye health and healthy vision.

What is Vegan Omega 3?

Omega 3, also known as 'omega 3 fatty acids', are a type of fat needed for every cell in the body. The body cannot make Omega 3 fats and therefore relies on getting it from your diet or Omega 3 supplements.

Omega 3 works in direct balance with Omega 6 fats. The ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 intake is 2:1, however, this isn't often achieved, with some modern diets having a ratio of only 15:1. This is why it is often recommended everyone should take an Omega 3 supplement daily, not matter what diet you follow.

Where does vegan Omega 3 come from?

Fish get their Omega 3 by eating algae, or because they eat other fish which have eaten algae. Omega 3 from fish can contain toxins, depending on what the fish has eaten, and has a high propensity of going rancid. Fish-sourced Omega 3 also causes huge damage to our seas and environment.

Algae is one of the main starting points for Omega 3 into the food chain, so we cut out the middle man - or the middle fish - and ethically and sustainably source our Omega 3 directly from algae.

Where does B12 come from?

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is found in almost all foods of animal origin, so it is also one of the most common nutrient deficiencies among those following plant-based diets.

Green plants do not provide Vitamin B12 and although it can be synthesized by some algae and bacteria, the bio-availability of Vitamin B12 from plant-based dietary forms is not good.

Learn more in '5 signs you may be low in Vitamin B12'.