Naomi Rowling - DipNT, CNM, mNNA

Naomi is a registered nutritionist and as part of our customer services team, she is committed to helping our customers optimise their health. 

Naomi Nutritionist

About Naomi

Naomi was raised on naturopathic principles and became a consummate researcher of complementary and alternative health therapies. After many years of informally helping family and friends, she went on to study at the acclaimed College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 2018 as a nutritional therapist. She has run a successful practice, and enjoys writing about health issues and giving presentations.

Naomi is a member of the Public Health Collaboration and Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in her life. She regularly attends conferences, workshops and seminars to keep up to date with emerging research.

Naomi also has a BA Hons in Fine Art and believes achieving and maintaining
optimal health and longevity in the 21st century to be an art in itself. This drives her passion for helping others.

What is a Registered Nutritionist?

It is important to check qualifications when choosing a nutritionist. The Association for Nutrition (AfN) is the independent regulator for Registered Nutritionists. Their role is to protect and benefit the public. 

A Registered Nutritionist will be found on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists. To be listed on the register a person must be a competent, qualified nutrition professional who meets rigorous standards of competence and professionalism.

The UKVRN is the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England, NHS Choices and NHS Careers.

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