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Where to find our supplements

We're proud to work with partners to supply our efficacious, natural and clean supplements to customers through other physical and online stores in the UK and internationally.
Some of our UK Stockists and International Retail Partners
Whole Foods Market - All London stores. 
Revital - in-store & online.
We also supply hundreds of independent health food stores and pharmacies across the UK. Here are just a few:
Haelen Centre, Crouch End, London
Simply Fresh, Bethnal Green, London
Plaentis, Maida Vale, London
Trio Pharmacy, London
Remedi Health, Winchester
Wild Oats, Bristol

Online Retail Partners

Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at The Natural Dispensary.
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Superdrug.
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Bodykind
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Sephora
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Amazon UK
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Medino
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Chemist4u
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Unfabled
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Super Food Market
Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Healf.


Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Healing Earth

South Africa: Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Wellness Warehouse

Iceland:  Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Fors
Holland: Find DR.VEGAN® supplements at Unlimited Health




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Ashwagandha KSM-66®



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