How PMS Hero® works

Formulated by hormone experts and nutritionists, PMS Hero® is an acclaimed formula of 12 clinically tested botanicals, minerals and vitamins to relieve symptoms of your period, including breast tenderness, cramps, bloating, mood swings, irritability and more so you can thrive before, during and after that time of the month. Research shows PMS Hero® is 2x more effective than other vitamins and supplements for PMS and 91% of PMS Hero® customers find it effective in relieving their PMS symptoms.


91% of women who take PMS Hero® daily say it is effective in relieving PMS symptoms

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How to take it?

  • Take two capsules each day to help regulate hormones throughout your cycle. Take your two capsules together or separately.
  • PMS Hero® is best taken daily throughout the month.
  • You can take PMS Hero® a few days before the onset of PMS symptoms, however if this doesn't address your symptoms, we recommend taking PMS Hero® each day to support your energy and mood and ensuring you enjoy the full benefits and relief from symptoms before and during your period.
  • Avoid PMS Hero® if you are pregnant or suffer from a history of blood clotting or are at risk of clotting, or are currently taking blood thinner medication or anticoagulants. Consult with your GP or healthcare provider if you're taking any prescribed medication before taking PMS Hero® or other food supplements.

    If you find that you only need to take one capsule a day that's absolutely fine.

    You may begin to enjoy relief from symptoms within a week or two, depending on when you begin taking PMS Hero®. The majority of users feel the full benefits of PMS Hero®during their second cycle after starting to take it each day.
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What to expect?


Symptoms of bloating and gas subside. 

Enjoy relief from painful menstrual cramps.

Mild anxiety alleviated.

Fewer food cravings.


Improved weight management and appetite control.

Enjoy relief from any PMS-related joint and back aches.

1-7 DAYS

Begin to feel relief from breast pain and tenderness.

Enjoy improved energy levels.


Symptoms of bloating and gas subside. 

Enjoy relief from painful menstrual cramps.

Mild anxiety alleviated.

Fewer food cravings.


Relief from mood swings and brain fog.

Enjoy better mental clarity and focus.

Inner calm and an improved ability to cope with stress. 

You may also enjoy relief from any constipation.


Improved weight management and appetite control.

Enjoy relief from any PMS-related joint and back aches.


Better-regulated hormones.

Periods become more regular within 2-3 months, heavy periods are alleviated.

Less hormonal acne and better inner confidence.

How it works?

PMS Hero® is an acclaimed plant-based formula of clinically tested botanicals, minerals and vitamins to relieve common symptoms that arise with your periods, including breast tenderness, cramps, bloating, mood swings, irritability and more, so you can thrive before, during and after your period.

Research shows PMS Hero® is 2x more effective than other vitamins and supplements for PMS, and 91% of PMS Hero® customers find it relieves their PMS symptoms effectively.

While PMS Hero® can be taken just before and during your period, for optimal results it is recommended to take it each day throughout your cycle, and it is most common for women to start enjoying the best results during their second cycle after starting PMS Hero®.

Supporting hormone balance

It may sound surprising, but supporting the liver supports a healthy oestrogen metabolism, which in turn supports hormonal balance and reduces common symptoms associated with oestrogen dominance, and relieving symptoms experienced with PMS.

Dandelion Root has been used for centuries to support the liver and is an important botanical for women’s hormonal balance. Rich in inulin, polysaccharides, potassium and ‘Sesquiterpene Lactones’, Dandelion Root provides a natural source of prebiotics and fibre. Research shows it exerts antioxidant properties, which contribute to gastrointestinal wellbeing, helping relieve abdominal symptoms associated with PMS, including bloating and abdominal cramps. 

Regulating irregular periods will also help relieve overall PMS tension and provide digestive support. Research shows that gut health plays a vital role in supporting healthy hormonal balance. Dandelion has been shown to stimulate the growth of 14 strains of bifidobacteria and help reduce the overgrowth of unhealthy (pathogenic) bacteria. Dandelion is also extensively used as a ‘tonic’ for the gallbladder, supporting the body’s detoxifying abilities by helping eliminate the effects of pollution and toxins.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 support hormonal regularity. Magnesium has been found to relax muscles and soothe abdominal and muscular cramps. Combining bio-available forms of Magnesium and B vitamins, in particular, is an effective way of supporting women’s hormonal imbalances. PMS Hero® includes the most bioavailable and active forms of B vitamins, including Folate (as calcium L-methyl Folate). Magnesium and Folate are key nutrients supporting normal hormone metabolism and helping regulate the menstrual cycle.

Agnus Castus, also referred to as Chasteberry, is a botanical herb traditionally used for its hormone-modulating properties and has been extensively studied for its effects on regulating PMS symptoms. Research has shown it provides support for menstrual-related breast pain (‘mastalgia). In addition, for the more severe form of PMS, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), research indicates Chasteberry provides relief from the psychological and physical PMDD symptoms experienced.

Dong Quai, also referred to as Angelica sinensis, is a well-known herb with long traditional use in Chinese medicine as a ‘female tonic’. It has been used for women’s health during different stages of their lives, including the pre-menstrual period and the menopausal transition. Dong Quai supports both the physical and emotional symptoms that arise with PMS and in turn, can help support the menstrual cycle holistically throughout the whole month.15-17

Bromelain, derived from the stem, fruit and juice of the pineapple plant, is a protein-digestive enzyme used for centuries, and research indicates Bromelain can help alleviate inflammation and reduce swelling that can arise through PMS.

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Mental health and emotional wellbeing

Alleviating PMS symptoms involves giving the body the right tools to address anxiety and stress that can arise at this time of the month. Learn more about the impact of PMS symptoms on anxiety and mood in the recently conducted research.

Ashwagandha KSM-66® provides natural inner calm and relaxation and is an extensively clinically studied botanical found to help relieve anxiety and alleviate stress. Ashwagandha KSM-66® is a full-spectrum extract obtained from Ashwagandha’s root - it is the most clinically trialled and world-wide acclaimed form of Ashwagandha. The root of the Ashwagandha is superior to the leaves because the root contains the highest concentration of the active constituent, ‘withanolides’. The extraction process is pure and involves no nasty chemicals, alcohol or solvents.23

Shatavari, often referred to as the 'Queen of Herbs', has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Like Ashwagandha, it is referred to as an ‘adaptogen’ and helps support the body and mind to better cope with unique stressors encountered throughout the day. Shatavari helps relieve symptoms of PMS including anxiety, irritability, and brings the body to a state where it can better cope calmly with physical and emotional stress.

These key botanicals, vitamins and minerals provided in their most bio-available doses and forms, along with a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, can help soothe the nervous system and provide optimal support for your emotional wellbeing.

Vitamins B1, B6, Folate (B9) and the mineral Magnesium also provide psychological wellbeing support. Folate provides support for normal blood formation and normal homocysteine metabolism, which in turn supports regular menstrual cycles and a stable mood. PMS Hero® provides the highly-absorbed and utilised form of Folate, Calcium-L-methyfolate.

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Regulate blood sugar levels and support better skin

PMS Hero® includes Chromium which helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. Chromium also supports macronutrient metabolism, which fuels the breakdown of food (carbohydrates, fats and protein) into a form of energy for the body to utilise.

Stable blood glucose levels are vital to steady levels of energy and maintaining a balanced mood - fluctuations in mood are a common symptom of PMS and can cause irritability

Vitamin B3 in PMS Hero® contributes to healthier skin. Breakouts and fluctuations in skin health are common symptoms of PMS and, along with Chromium, Vitamin B3 helps protect the skin during the hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

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Sustained energy levels and better sleep

PMS Hero® helps alleviate tiredness and fatigue while contributing to improved energy levels. It supports daily focus and mental clarity, enabling you to keep up with your daily routine and performance. PMS Hero® includes key B vitamins at optimal doses, in their most efficient forms, for appropriate absorption and utilisation by the body.

Niacin (B1), Vitamin B5, B6 and Magnesium contribute to energy-yielding metabolism.

Niacin (B1), Vitamins B5, B6, Folate and Magnesium also contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

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Nutrition tips for PMS

Your diet can help relieve symptoms of PMS such as headaches, bloating, cramps, low energy, irritability, mood swings, cravings and breast tenderness leading up to your period.

Reach for foods rich in calcium such as leafy greens to help with bloating, and manage mood swings with foods high in vitamin B6 like bananas and tofu.

Find out more in our nutritionists' article on the best nutrition for PMS.

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