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Form: Amino Acid

Food source: Soy products, seeds (especially pumpkin and sesame) and beans (especially lima beans).

Benefits of L-Tyrosine

  • Energy
  • Mental performance
  • Calm
  • Regulates hormones

      What is L-Tyrosine? 

      L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, an organic compound in your body that forms proteins. It is synthesised in the body from another amino acid in the body called ‘phenylalanine’. L-Tyrosine plays an important role in making crucial hormones the body needs, including dopamine, adrenaline and thyroid hormones. As a result L-Tyrosine can help to balance your mood, helping to improve memory and performance in stressful situations. You may also enjoy reading ‘Best foods for thyroid health’ and ‘Nutritionist's tips for an underactive thyroid’.

      Studies have suggested that L-Tyrosine may prevent some of the cognitive decline that is associated with exposure to stressful situations. This can involve improving working memory, enhancing cognitive flexibility and increasing alertness, especially in conditions of increased workload or a lack of sleep. In our latest sleep research, we found that 9 out of 10 people will have poorer sleep when they're stressed, while 75% of people will have persistent sleep issues if they suffer overwhelming stress. Managing anxiety levels and overcoming stress is often the first and most effective remedy for enjoying better sleep.