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Green Tea Extract

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Where it's from: Originally China, now throughout East Asia
Form: Extract
Food source: Plant

Benefits of Green Tea

  • Healthy skin
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Neurological health

    What is Green Tea? 

    Green Tea has been popular in China for thousands of years and is made from the same plant that makes black teas like Earl Grey or English Breakfast. The difference is that Green Tea has not undergone the withering and oxidation process of black teas, which means it retains more characteristics that have health benefits. 

    Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent oxidative stress by combatting harmful ‘free radicals’ (unstable molecules that cause a variety of illnesses). Free radicals can cause our skin a variety of problems such as premature ageing. Its antioxidative qualities mean that Green Tea may help relieve skin conditions such as acne, may help retain skin elasticity and have a moisturising effect. You may also enjoy reading ‘How to get rid of acne’ and ‘Best Foods and Vitamins for Healthy, Glowing Skin’. Give these '5 easy smoothie recipes for glowing skin' a try too.

    As an antioxidant, Green Tea may also be beneficial for your cardiovascular health. Oxidative stress contributes to fat build-up in the blood vessels which increases blood pressure. Some studies suggest that Green Tea may lower total cholesterol levels in the body, further contributing to the health of your blood vessels. Discover ‘5 top tips to lower cholesterol’.

    Green Tea also contains the amino acid ‘theanine’. Theanine increases the level of dopamine in the brain and helps to bring a sense of calm to the mind. Studies show that this is great for any situation that brings anxiety as theanine induces relaxation and calmness as well as lowers tension. Next time you’re thinking about making a cup of Earl Grey, think about swapping it for Green Tea instead. 



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