Vitamin Tin

You receive your free refillable DR.VEGAN® Pill Tin with your first order

Built to last, our Pill Tin has four quarters to hold up to four different supplements, and goes hand in hand with our plastic-free and compostable pouches to refill your Pill Tin from. 

It adds style wherever you keep it, at home or on your travels, and fits easily in your handbag, rucksack or jacket. Your DR.VEGAN® Pill Tin can travel the world with you, makes it easier to remember to take your daily vitamins, and avoids the clutter and waste of plastic and glass bottles. 

Better me. Better planet.

easy to swallow
kind on stomach

What our customers say...

Great little tin. I keep my Vegan Nights and Ashwagandha in it by my bedside.


Love this tin, have to keep it away from envious others in my household!!!


Very useful, handy tin. Lightweight, fits my bag or pocket, very pleased.


I love this little tin! It's great for my DR.VEGAN products and because it saves the planet I fully endorse it.


Very useful to have this tin free with my first order. Great not to have the usual plastic bottles. Well done. :)


Lovely storage tin, perfect for storage, travel and it looks great.


So easy to use and keeps capsules safe, fresh.


Lovely tin, great for carrying your supplements


Useful for keeping the capsules in, can be popped in my handbag easily if I’m going out.


Ideal to put my pills in for each day.


Great product the tin is so handy. Not only for my Dr Vegan capsules but also for my daily medication. Brilliant idea.

Mrs Passant

Received as a gift with my first order. Very thoughtful touch and so handy for storing my turmeric capsules.


I’m now totally addicted to how good Debloat & Detox makes me feel. I’m less sluggish and feel less toxic which means I eat less sugary and rubbish food. I love the tin too, I keep them in my bag if I’m out for dinner.


Really useful to have this handy tin - sits by my bed so I remember to take one each morning. Will be refilling it with my next order.


A handy little pill tin which fits nicely into my handbag. No more pills/vitamins being carried around in a food bag when I go on holiday.


Nice sized tin with compartment separation for different medications/pills.


This little tin is smart and useful, the dividers are useful also if I choose another supplement later, and it was FREE!


I love the tin and the fact that I can reuse it.


Great little free gift on your first order! It's quite slim yet nicely accommodates my supplements and is divided into 4 compartments so I have a choice as to putting more than one different type of supplement in there. I managed to fit a months worth of one type so it's very handy and would be convenient for traveling.


Handy wee tin and a lovely free gift with first order.


Cute little tin to keep my pills save. Even better because it was free with my first order.


Good sturdy tin.


So handy, stops me forgetting to take my supplements and great for travel.


Beautiful tin to keep your capsule in as a freebie.


It is great, helps me to keep my vitamins when I go out for a day.


I like this tin, the separate compartments would be very useful for people on more than one medication.

Mrs Wellings

This tin is excellent for storing the capsules and really handy for transporting to go on holiday.


Lovely little tin, very handy to keep with all my other bits I take.


It's very slim so doesn't take up much room also stylish.


This is such a handy little tin with separate compartments for other medication.


Brilliant, neat, tidy, unobtrusive, it’s on coffee table to remind me to take it.


Great product that I got free with my first order - I can now use it to prep and store my supplements. Wonderful.


It's great for keeping your pills in, it has 4 compartments to separate into 4 weeks so you can keep an eye on when you need some more.

Mr Smith

Great little tin with 4 sections to hold my vitamins. Very handy for on the go and holidays! 😀


I worked for 50 years in the packaging industry and am passionate about quality packaging. This medication tin is sturdy, attractive and very well made. It has a feel of quality about it and it performs its function very well.


Love the tin. Keeps the pills fresh.


Excellent quality and a very cute tin.


Great little tin keeping my menofriend together!


Practical functional pillbox. Love it. I have put my Dr Vegan vitamin D and magnesium supplements in it. Definitely recommend. Thank you for a beautiful gift!


Great quality tin, in fact my husband has already snaffled it for his bits and pieces 😔


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