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FREE Refill Tin

Your free refillable Pill Tin is added to your first order.

Free refill Pill Tin (rrp £7) on your first order

Free refill Pill Tin (rrp £7) on your first order

You receive a FREE Vitamin Tin with your first order of DR.VEGAN® supplements

Your Vitamin Tin adds style wherever you keep it and makes it easier to take your daily vitamins.  It can travel the world in your handbag, man-bag, jacket, to the office, to the beach - wherever you choose! - or stay at home on the sideboard. 

Built to last, our Vitamin Tin goes hand in hand with our biodegradable and recyclable packaging, helping us remove unnecessary waste. 

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All our supplements are delivered Free and First Class in biodegradable and recyclable packaging through your letterbox.

Receive your free, original Pill Tin with your first order.

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