How our Skin Health Bundle works

Nutritionist recommended supplements for clearer, healthier and glowing skin for your face and whole body, and for combatting blemishes. Our Skin Health Bundle contains sustainable Vegan Omega 3 and expertly formulated Skin Saviour®.

How to take it

Omega 3
Take two softgels daily.
You can take your softgels in the morning, daytime or evening, together or separately, and with or without food.

Skin Saviour
Take two capsules daily and begin to see results within 30 days.
Skin Saviour® contains active, skin friendly bacteria so it's important to take your capsules at least 15 minutes before or after a hot drink - otherwise the heat of food or drink can harm the active bacteria.
Ideally take your capsules on an empty stomach, together or separately during the day.
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What is Vegan Omega 3?

What is Omega 3?
Omega 3, also known as 'omega 3 fatty acids', are a type of fat needed for every cell in the body. The body cannot make omega 3 fats and therefore relies on getting it from your diet or omega 3 supplements.

Omega 3 works in direct balance with omega 6 fats. The ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 intake is 2:1, however, this isn't often achieved, with some modern diets having a ratio of only 15:1.

What is Vegan Omega 3?

Fish get their omega 3 by eating algae, or because they eat other fish which have eaten algae. Omega 3 from fish can contain toxins, depending on what the fish has eaten, and has a high propensity of going rancid.

Algae is one of the main starting points for omega 3 into the food chain, so we cut out the middle man - or the middle fish - and ethically and sustainably source our Omega 3 directly from algae.

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How does Skin Saviour® work?

Skin Saviour® is an expertly formulated blend of live, gut friendly probiotics, prebiotics, botanicals and highly absorbable nutrients that feed your gut and skin each day for naturally plumper and glowing skin, and providing daily protection against blemishes.

Your skin renews itself every 28-31 days, so you should begin to see results from taking Skin Saviour® daily within 30 days.

5bn active, gut friendly bacteria

Inulin is a versatile, gut friendly fibre that feeds probiotics, helping them grow and rebalance your gut microbiome, which in turn helps keep your skin hydrated and improving your skin moisture and oil levels. Think of prebiotics as the fertiliser that feed the probiotics.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a gut friendly bacteria that was among the first to be tested for skin health, feeding your gut's production of amino-acids that in turn produce collagen, the main structural component of your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, 150mg

Found in almost all the cells in our body, Hyaluronic acid is fundamental to your skin's moisture and hydration, helping keep a young and youthful complexion. Skin Saviour® contains an optimal high dosage of 150mg of plant-based Hyaluronic Acid.

Botanical antioxidants

Skin Saviour's blend of powerful antioxidants are vital for keeping blemishes and outbreaks at bay.

Grape Seed helps protect your body and skin's cells against free radicals, improving the health and appearance of your skin.

Bilberry is rich in antioxidants supporting stable vascular and vein health, promoting improved blood circulation in your micro-vessels that feed your skin.

Green Tea is also a powerful antioxidant to support healthier ageing, protecting your skin cells from UV and pollution-induced oxidative damage. Green Tea also feeds your healthy gut flora which is essential for your skin health and appearance of your skin.

Essential nutrients

Skin Saviour® also contains a high strength, highly absorbable form of Vitamin C (350mg) that is vital for collagen formation in your skin and the blood vessels feeding your skin. Vitamin C also helps protect your skin against oxidative stress.

Vitamin A (800ug) and Zinc (10mg) are essential nutrients for maintaining healthy skin, and Zinc helps your body metabolise Vitamin A.

Selenium (110ug) and Vitamin E (24mg a-TE) are important for protecting your skin cells from oxidative stress, protecting your DNA, proteins and libids, while Selenium also helps maintain strong, healthy hair and nails.
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How your diet can support your skin?

Glowing skin is a sign of inner health. The first signs of poor diet and poor gut health are often displayed on your skin, and the link between your gut and your skin is called the 'Gut-Skin-Axis'.

Your diet is always the first place to start for glowing skin and our nutritionists explain here 'The best foods and nutrients for glowing skin'.
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