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Should I take a Multi-Vitamin every day?

Should I take a Multi-Vitamin every day?

It is a simple fact that your body needs vitamins and minerals to survive, and a lack of them leads to illness and disease.

The question isn't 'Do I need vitamins and minerals every day?' (you absolutely do!), but 'How will I get them into my body every day?'

Our bodies need at least 13 vitamins 16 minerals which are essential to our health, and that is a lot of nutrients.

Can’t I get all my nutrients through my food intake?

The simple answer is yes. The realistic answer is that for most people it is unlikely or at least very difficult. The best nutrients are those from food and if you eat a varied and balanced diet every day, that is the best start.

However there are challenges with relying on food alone. Evidence suggests modern food bought from typical supermarkets and grocery chains contains less nutrients than it used to.

It is also quite unlikely most people eat a diet that will provide all the nutrition they need for optimal health, for all their lifestyle needs and health goals. 

As a simple example, only 20% of people manage to eat the advised 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables.   

Am I at risk of being deficient in nutrients?

Some people are more likely to be deficient in nutrients than others.

For example, those on certain diets that cut out whole food groups, people leading busy lives with unpredictable diets, people of any age with a chronic health problem, the elderly, people who are “picky eaters” or eat too much fast food, women during pregnancy, and plenty of others, are at risk of deficiencies in nutrients essential for their body’s needs.

How does a Daily Multi-Vitamin help?

A Multi-Vitamin and mineral supplement will help ensure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs for good health, whatever your diet and your lifestyle. It take the guess work out of your nutrient intake and can be “insurance” against getting a health condition caused by a nutrient deficiency.

Multi-Vitamin and mineral supplements bridge nutritional gaps created by lifestyles that create imbalances in your diet and food choices, and can provide your body with essential nutrients your body may need. 

How do I know which Multi-Vitamin is a good one?

Always choose a supplement from a reputable company and look out for the following:

  • Avoid additives, binders and fillers. As a result it is best to avoid supplements in tablet form - some tablets contain Talc (yes, as in Talcum Powder) as a bulking agent and Titanium Dioxide, used as a colouring agent but also classified as a carcinogen, and plenty of other nasty additives.  Capsules are always a better option. 
  • Avoid sweeteners, artificial colourings and artificial flavourings.
  • Look out for supplements that are free of allergens, gluten and any other ingredients that your body may react against.
  • Look for a supplement with ingredients in the active and most bio-available forms. This means that the ingredients will be absorbed by the body more easily and will be more effective. Cheaper supplements will include forms of the nutrients that are cheap to make but not absorbed well.

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