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Easy & Sustainable Food Hacks to Try Today

Easy & Sustainable Food Hacks to Try Today

Are you looking for some sustainable food hacks that you can try today? If so, keep reading. 

By now we already know the importance of recycling, driving fewer miles, and switching to a more plant based diet. 

But it shouldn’t stop there.

One of the best and most convenient ways to protect the environment is to look at the food you are consuming. 

Here are some food hacks that everyone can benefit from, regardless of diet.

Reducing food waste where possible

While some minimal food waste is to be expected - especially for those who live alone - it’s important to minimise this where possible. The problem is, food waste costs you money and costs the environment. 

Every time you put food in the bin, it ends up in landfill sites. From there, it releases methane into the air, which can be highly detrimental to our planet. The best methods to reducing food waste are to meal plan and buy only what you need.

Meal planning ensures that you have a focus of exactly what you need that week. Be sure to plan a balanced and varied diet, focusing on the core vitamins and minerals here. If you are unsure about whether your are intaking the recommended level of vitamins, supplements are great at filling in nutritional gaps in your diet, if you are unsure we recommend taking our free Diet Profile today. As you’ll be planning your meals around your shopping list, it ensures fewer food waste gets thrown in the bin.

meal planning

Look for plastic free packaging

Unfortunately, supermarkets make it difficult to shop entirely plastic free. However, some of the food swaps you make can make a big difference to the environment.

For instance, purchasing loose fruit and vegetables is a great sustainable alternative. The quality is exactly the same, but the big difference is there is no need for plastic. Buying canned beans and foods contained in cardboard boxes are easier and simpler choices for going plastic free. 

Also, look out for stores with refill stations where you can refill containers with basics such as tea and coffee. Once this becomes part of every store, it will be easier than ever to make sustainable food shops.


food market london veg fruit loose plastic free


Putting leftovers in metal or glass containers

Long gone are the days where we had to opt for plastic containers.

This is a very simple food hack that anyone can incorporate into their lives. Simply putting leftovers in metal or glass containers helps the environment by reducing the demand for plastic containers. The quality of the food remains the same.

Your food will be fresh but there is no cost on the planet. It’s a win, win!


sustainable tin container storage hack nutrition meal


Cutting out palm oil

The sad truth is most cooking oils are harmful to the environment. Forests are cut down in aid of oil plantations. Not to mention pesticides that pollute our water and contribute to various different issues globally. No oil is considered to be great for your health and the environment. 

However, palm oil is believed to be one of the biggest culprits for deforestation. There is more demand than ever for the palm oil industry and unfortunately, this leads to the loss of habitats and air pollution. Understandably, this has caused great concern.

So what can you do about it? Simply reducing how many products you buy containing palm oil is a big step. #CheckTheLabel for palm oil, even in supplements it is a common additive. In fact, reducing all cooking oils will have a good impact on both the environment and your health!


palm oil sustainable choices


Your changes make a difference

While you may not believe it, the small food changes you make each week can add up. It makes a huge difference to our environment. Keep reducing food waste, opting for plastic free options, and getting the word out there!


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