5 delicious 'superfoods' you need to know about

5 delicious 'superfoods' you need to know about

It’s time to showcase foods that power your energy, a healthy heart, healthy brain function, and much more. Whilst different foods provide different health benefits, and a varied and balanced diet is at least as important as eating healthy foods themselves, there are some delicious and nutritionally-dense foods that really can be deemed as 'super' for all the benefits they provide. What's more, they're also inexpensive and easy to add to any meals and snacks. 

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5 best superfoods

Here are 5 'superfoods' you want to add to your shopping list as often as you can. 

1. Kimchi as a superfood

Kimchi has a rightful place on our list of superfoods because not only is it excellent for gut health, it is also a great food source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Kimchi can be bought in supermarkets or made at home very easily. Kimchi is particularly popular in South Korea but is now frequently on menus throughout the world. It is a fermented cabbage, often spicy and seasoned with chilli, salt and garlic. Kimchi contains natural probiotic bacteria, and an intake of probiotics is important for the health and balance of your gut microbiome. If you’re not a fan of kimchi we also recommend other fermented foods such as kefir, miso and sauerkraut.

Gut health is widely talked about, and with good reason, because supporting your gut means so much more than managing constipation, IBS and bloating. Your gut is connected to your brain, your mental health, skin condition, energy levels, and is responsible for around 70% of your immune system. You may like to read our research on gut health and the common effects of poor gut health.

Healthy live bacteria are vital for your gut health. Both prebiotics and probiotics can be found in Gut Works®, our award-winning formula which includes 6 clinically studied strains of 50 Billion friendly live bacteria to support your gut health. Gut Works® was created by a team of nutrition and gut health experts, with zero nasty additives like Talc and Titanium Dioxide, and zero animal ingredients

2. Fennel as a superfood 

Fennel is often overlooked but is a nutrient powerhouse, especially for helping relieve acid reflux and GERD. Fennel is known to calm down spasms in the digestive tract, reducing the pressure on the stomach, and therefore reducing the likelihood of suffering of acid reflux.

fennel superfood

Fennel is also a superfood for healthy skin because it contributes towards collagen production. Fennel provides Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body. Encouraging your body to produce its own collagen is a more efficient way to support healthy, glowing skin rather than taking collagen supplements, which are made from the boiling of animal ligaments, muscles and fat. You may be shocked to learn about how collagen is made

Skin Saviour® is a vegan, science-led formula of 11 ingredients including clinically studied gut-friendly bacteria ('probiotics'), prebiotics, botanicals and nutrients for healthier ageing and a clearer, glowing skin complexion. Including Acidophilus, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Bilberry and essential vitamins at optimal levels, Skin Saviour® nourishes your skin to combat blemishes and fuel your body's natural collagen production for plumper, glowing skin.

3. Beetroot as a superfood 

Much more than adding a pop of colour to your meal, beetroot is delicious in pasta dishes, salads, plant-based burgers, and are also nutritionally astounding! Did you know that beetroot has a high concentration of nitrates? Nitrates have been widely studied to dilate blood vessels and cause blood pressure levels to drop. You may also enjoy reading about how to manage blood pressure naturally.

Beetroot also contains a substance called 'betalains' which are known to reduce inflammation in the liver and promote detoxification. This makes beetroot one of the top 8 foods to detox your liver. If you are looking for liver support, you may also be interested in our plant-based Debloat & Detox formula including Milk Thistle, Silymarin, Fennel, Artichoke, Schisandra and L-Glutamine, and shown in research to be effective for 85% of people who take it within 4 weeks

4. Basil as a superfood

This one may surprise you, but yes, basil is a fantastic nutritional addition to your diet. Basil contains nutrients including 'eugenol', 'linalool', and 'citronellol' that help to fight inflammation in the body. This makes basil beneficial for the nervous and digestive system, as well as supporting PH balance in the body. 

Basil can also help to alleviate acid reflux - the nutritional properties of basil leaves can be soothing and relieve acidity in the body. Some people chew the leaves after eating a meal, or prefer to boil the leaves in a cup of water. 

basil pesto recipe plantbased

5. Avocado as a superfood 

Not all fats are bad, and avocados prove that. Avocados are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid. Omega 3 is important for the health of every cell in your body, and contribute to a healthy heart, eyes, brain and skin. You may also enjoy reading 'Healthy and unhealthy fats explained'. Being deficient in Omega 3 is a potential reason for feeling tired, having weak hair, difficulty concentrating and even having acne. 

Other sources of healthy fats include nuts, seeds, and if you are not vegan, oily fish. Vegan Omega 3 supplements are also available, which are effective and more sustainable than non-vegan Omega 3 from fish oil. A good vegan Omega 3 is made of algae oil and contains a high amount of EPA and DHA 

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