5 reasons to swap to organic cotton period care

5 reasons to swap to organic cotton period care

Your period is a natural part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with discomfort or irritation caused by plastic-filled period care. Our friends at &SISTERS, the UK’s largest plastic-free and irritant-free period care brand, believe that chemicals like bleach, fragrances, dyes and plastics don’t belong in your period care. And we couldn’t agree more..

Today, they reveal five reasons why ditching the plastic and swapping to organic cotton period care can not only improve your plastic footprint but your vaginal health too.

So, what’s in period care?

Most of the mainstream and bamboo period care you see in your local supermarket or pharmacy are often made from synthetic materials like rayon, polyester and plastic. Whilst these materials may seem convenient due to their absorbency and low cost, they actually pose serious risks to our wellbeing and can increase the risk of infections like thrush or BV to irritating rashes.

How can this affect my vagina?

Your vagina is an ecosystem biologically evolved to protect your reproductive system, this is called the vaginal microbiome. It’s home to a delicate balance of bacteria that stops infections and diseases from harming you and your vagina. And every single day it pulls off a medical miracle and fights off infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis, protects pregnancies and can even help fend off cancer.

A lot can throw off this balance, such as a new sex partner, hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, changing birth control and what’s in your period care. Mainstream and bamboo period care hasn’t been designed to support the vaginal microbiome and the chemicals and plastic can create a hot and sticky environment (you know the feeling) where bacteria that cause thrush, BV and irritating rashes thrive. Discover pH Hero®, an advanced formula of probiotics and botanicals for complete vaginal health, helping protect against harmful bacteria and UTIs.

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5 reasons why organic cotton period care is better for your vagina and the planet

  1. It’s more comfortable. Gentle and hypoallergenic, organic cotton can help reduce irritation and chafing, especially if you’re prone to allergies or sensitivities.
  2. It’s naturally breathable and absorbent. Unlike mainstream and bamboo period care, organic cotton doesn’t require additional chemicals such as Superabsorbent Polymers to ensure you’re secure and leak-free during your period. In fact, &SISTERS pads are almost twice as absorbent than the marketing leading brand.
  3. It’s better for your vaginal health. Conventional period care ingredients can irritate your vagina and increase your risk of infection, whereas organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and is pH-balanced to help protect your vaginal health.
  4. It’s better for the environment. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers, which can pollute the environment. &SISTERS only use 100% Soil Association certified organic cotton.
  5. It’s biodegradable. Because mainstream and bamboo period care is made from plastic, it never biodegrades and lives in landfills forever. &SISTERS organic cotton period care on the other hand actually biodegrades faster than a banana.

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