Why Hair Saviour™ is so good

Hair Saviour™ is a unique daily formula of clinically studied active ingredients to combat dry, dull and damaged hair, fuel strong, smooth and lustrous hair, and support normal hair growth for men and women.

How to take it

Each pouch of Hair Saviour™ is a month's supply, taking 2 capsules a day.

There are no set rules on when to take Hair Saviour™ - find a routine that works for you and suits your lifestyle.

If you do not like swallowing capsules, you can open your capsules and add the contents to your food or drink, it won't affect the efficacy. Many customers enjoy adding their supplements into their morning smoothie or yogurt, for example.

How does it work?

Hair Saviour™ is a unique formula of botanicals, minerals and vitamins to fuel healthy hair growth and strong, thick hair, and prevent deficiencies in key nutrients that may otherwise contribute to hair loss. The formula is suitable for both men and women and is formulated by a team of expert nutritionists.

Hair Saviour™ combines 14 botanicals, minerals and vitamins including MSM, AnaGain™, Saw Palmetto, Silica, Alfalfa and Biotin and more. Hair Saviour™ is 100% plant-based and is suitable for all diets, with zero additives, bulking agents or anti-caking ingredients, making it highly absorbable and effective, and better for you and the planet.

A key ingredient is MSM, which is a natural source of sulphur. Sulphur is vital for the formation of amino acids in our bodies. Amino acids help provide hair with moisture and strength, and helping repair surface damage of hair. Amino acids also promote the formation of cells and bonds in our hair follicles, strengthening existing hair and helping promote new hair growth.

Hair Saviour™ includes AnaGain™, a clinically studied ingredient sourced from pea sprouts which are rich in phytonutrients, and shown to support hair growth and fuller, thicker hair. In a clinical study of AnaGain™, it was shown that the proportion of active hair follicles to degenerating ones could be improved from 4.0 to 7.2, corresponding to a 78% increase in the propensity for hair growth in a three month period.

In addition, Hair Saviour™ is formulated with: Horsetail, a perennial herbal remedy and a source of silica which is widely studied for improving the natural beauty, appearance, sheen and glow of hair; Saw Palmetto in a highly absorbable form. Saw Palmetto is a natural herb which is widely studied for its role in supporting normal hair growth; and Alfalfa, which is a legume, shown in studies to support the hair’s vitality, improving the structure and appearance of our hair and nails, and supporting full and lustrous hair.

Hair Saviour™ also includes high strength, highly absorbable and optimal dosages of essential nutrients to support your hair, including: Biotin, which contributes to the normal maintenance of healthy hair and skin; Zinc, which is a vital nutrient for the normal maintenance of hair through protection of our body’s cells against oxidative stress, DNA synthesis and our macronutrient metabolism; Copper which contributes to the maintenance of hair and hair pigmentation, protecting our cells and maintaining normal connective tissues; and Folic Acid which contributes to our normal tissue growth and the synthesis of amino acids which are so important to growth and regeneration of healthy hair.

To learn more about the ingredients in Hair Saviour™, visiting our Hair Saviour™ page.

Hair loss explained

Hormones and nutrient deficiencies are the main causes for hair loss. Deficiencies in nutrients such as Iron, B Vitamins and Protein can contribute towards hair thinning.

Ageing can contribute to hair loss due to reduced blood flow and an increase in DHT (dihydrotestosterone), amongst other factors. Post-menopausal woman are at risk of hair loss due to hormone fluctuations.

To learn more, we recommend reading 'Advice for hair loss, from an expert nutritionist'.

Hair Saviour™ is a unique daily formula of clinically studied active ingredients to combat dry, dull and damaged hair, fuel strong, smooth and lustrous hair, and support normal hair growth.