How Debloat & Detox works

Debloat & Detox is a comprehensive formula developed with 8 renowned, research-led botanicals and amino acids to support the liver’s natural detoxification systems and digestive processes.

Debloat & Detox is ideal for those who suffer from a slow metabolism and regular digestive issues, including bloating, indigestion, wind and belly spasms. It is also suitable for those who have a sluggish liver or simply those who want to maintain optimal liver function.


of people who take Debloat & Detox enjoy relief from symptoms within 4 weeks

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How to take it?

  • Take two capsules each day, together or separately, to help eliminate bloating, digestive discomfort, excess gas and support the natural detoxification of your liver.
  • The most common time to take Debloat & Detox is with or after your main meals of the day.
  • There are no hard and fast rules, and you can also take your capsules in the morning or evening, so adapt to what works best for you.
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What to expect?


50% of people begin to enjoy relief from symptoms.

Experience fewer abdominal cramps and spasms.

Enjoy relief from gas and wind.

Start to feel fewer symptoms of indigestion.


Experience improved energy levels.

Enjoy better digestion with a stronger gut lining and gut health, with the chance of fewer food intolerances and digestive issues.

1-7 DAYS

When taking Debloat & Detox with your main meals, you will begin to enjoy relief from feelings of fullness, flatulence, abdominal bloating and belly spasms.

The time it takes depends on existing symptoms.  As your body debloats and detoxes, you may experience a short-term increase in gas and wind - this is very normal as Debloat & Detox gets to work. 

Any constipation should begin to be alleviated and your stomach may appear flatter. 


50% of people begin to enjoy relief from symptoms.

Experience fewer abdominal cramps and spasms.

Enjoy relief from gas and wind.

Start to feel fewer symptoms of indigestion.


The liver is better supported and the body's natural liver detoxification systems are more effective, helping to eliminate toxins. 


Experience improved energy levels.

Enjoy better digestion with a stronger gut lining and gut health, with the chance of fewer food intolerances and digestive issues.


Overall digestive and liver functions are improved.

The frequency of bowel movements increases.

Enjoy glowing skin and improved sleep.

How it works?

Debloat & Detox eliminates digestive related bloating which occurs after eating or drinking to excess, and acts as an overnight detox so you wake up refreshed. If you bloat after meals and your clothes don’t fit before you go out in an evening, for example, Debloat & Detox is your go-to formula, supporting your general wellbeing and helping maintain a healthy liver.

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body, besides the heart; from detoxing, supporting hormonal balance and digestion, and fighting off infections.

Unfortunately, the liver can frequently feel overwhelmed and this is why Debloat & Detox is here to help. 85% of people who take Debloat & Detox enjoy relief from bloating within 4 weeks.

Aids healthy digestive processes

Debloat & Detox has an optimal blend of highly absorbable, clinically researched botanicals and amino acids in optimal dosages to fuel your digestive health. These include:

Fennel Seeds exert beneficial effects on the digestive system. They contain natural antioxidant properties and exert spasmolytic and carminative effects, which can help relieve flatulence and belly spasms.1-3,11

Like Dandelion Root, Fennel Seeds play an important role in supporting gut health and the gut barrier function. A stronger gut lining can supports digestion, the absorption of nutrients and strengthens our immune defences.

Research has shown Fennel Seeds have promising benefits for those who suffer from chronic and inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders like Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

Artichoke Leaf Extract supports the flow of digestive juices and contributes to intestinal comfort. In addition, scientific research suggests artichokes can help relieve mild symptoms of dyspepsia. This, in turn, can relieve feelings of fullness, indigestion and digestive discomfort.

Artichokes naturally contain fibre, nutrients and a whole host of antioxidants. Not only do artichokes contain Inulin, a source of prebiotics that is good for a healthy gut, but they also contain Cynarin. The highest concentrations of Cynarin are found within the Artichoke’s Leaves’, used in Debloat & Detox.7-9

Traditionally used over the years, Milk Thistle has been shown to support both liver health and assist in healthy digestive processes.

Milk Thistle seed contains Silymarin, an active plant compound shown to support digestion by:

  • Stimulating the production of digestive juices, including stomach acid and bile, and hence contributing towards the effective breakdown of foods.
  • Keeping bloating at bay and supporting gastrointestinal movement. This helps the body to move food along at a good pace.
  • Supporting gut flora, as Milk Thistle is extensively broken down and utilised in the intestines by gut bacteria.

A healthy balance of bacteria in the gut has been shown to aid multiple functions in the body, including efficient digestive processes and overall wellbeing. 

Dandelion Root possesses prebiotic properties that contribute to gastrointestinal wellbeing. Prebiotics help feed the good bacteria in the gut, which creates an environment inhospitable for unhealthy bacteria to thrive. This can help provide a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, improve digestive function and support overall wellbeing. 

L-glutamine is an important amino acid that is used by the cells of the digestive system (gastrointestinal tract) to support a healthy gut lining. L-glutamine is a precursor to the antioxidant ‘glutathione’, which plays an important role in protecting the body from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can contribute to digestive issues and put a burden on the body’s organs and functions.20-21

Strengthening the gut lining and increasing antioxidant levels through dietary changes with a focus on particular nutrients can, in turn, help contribute to more balanced digestion and detoxification processes.21-23 

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Support liver health

Debloat & Detox provides a comprehensive formula including key botanicals that are clinically researched and studied for their benefits both independently and when combined.

Artichoke Leaf supports liver and gallbladder health as well as liver and kidney detoxification processes.

Debloat & Detox includes two active plant compounds, Cyanara from Artichoke Leaves and Silymarin from Milk Thistle, which together provide effective liver cell protection and support bile production. Together, they help support a healthy liver by improving liver enzymes, providing antioxidant effects and reducing liver damage that can be caused by multiple factors.

Milk Thistle supports the detoxifying potential of the liver and by doing so, it is known to provide liver protection against ‘toxins’ that could otherwise cause damage to liver cells.

Detox & Debloat contains the optimal level of Silymarin. Research shows that Silymarin from Milk Thistle supports the production of the body’s main detoxification enzyme, ‘glutathione’. You may also enjoy reading ‘What is Milk Thistle good for: Top 5 benefits’.13-14

The optimal dose of 60 mg of Burdock Root is also included within the research-led formula, Debloat & Detox. Burdock Root, also known as Arctium lappa, has been researched for its role in contributing to digestive comfort as well as containing effective antioxidants such as Phenolic Acids, Quercetin and Luteolin, known to help support liver function.11,25-26

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Glowing skin and energy support

Since an accumulation of toxins can often impact our skin, energy levels and overall confidence, reducing the toxic load, and supporting our detoxification systems and digestion, can help you glow and support your vitality. With Debloat & Detox, the body will be more able to function optimally and support your overall wellbeing. 

The adaptogenic botanical Schisandra is a well-known antioxidant researched for its potential to increase the body’s physiological resistance when needed, and protect our cells and tissues from oxidative damage. This, in turn, helps support and protect the liver.11,29-31

Studies also indicate Shisandra Extract helps lower an enzyme that is a marker for liver damage. You may also enjoy reading ‘Why is everyone talking about Schisandra’. 

Schisandra Berries is extensively studied for the other areas of health they support. Studies show their adaptogenic properties may help support the adrenal glands which brings natural balance by alleviating tiredness and supporting energy levels; while studies show their antioxidant properties may play a positive role in supporting skin health.

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Combat bloating through diet

There are some easy changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that can help relieve bloating. Eating smaller and more frequent meals, avoiding tight clothing, reducing stress and not chewing gum are just a few examples.

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