Why BacoMind® will enhance your productivity

Why BacoMind® will enhance your productivity

Keep getting distracted and can’t focus? Forgetting things? You're not alone. Despite our brain changing with age, even teenagers, students and all adults find it difficult to concentrate. This is only worsened with fatigue, poor diet and distractions in our relentless 24/7 society.

Clinical studies into BacoMind® show exceptional findings for brain power, and the best part is BacoMind® is derived from a plant, not a synthetic or lab-grown chemical. BacoMind® is clinically proven to enhance memory recall, retention and reaction, making it an important route to be more productive and enhance mental performance. Here the DR.VEGAN® team take a deep-dive into BacoMind® and how it can improve our brain health.

What exactly is BacoMind®? 

Bacopa monnieri or ‘Brahmi’, is a herb commonly used by traditional practitioners for thousands of years. Known to have many antioxidant properties, it helps enhance cognitive performance, stress and anxiety as well as maintaining overall brain health.

BacoMind®, derived from Bacopa monnieri, is described by Natural Remedies as a “clinically tested, full-spectrum extract of nine bioactive compounds to support memory and cognitive abilities for children and adults.”

Bacopa, being one of the “best studied nootropic herbs available”, has been proven to help with attention, mood, memory and learning. You may be interested in learning more about 'what are nootropics'. 

Why is BacoMind® good for memory retention? 

Across four clinical studies, BacoMind® has been proven to help improve cognitive function across children and adults. 

After studies lasting twelve weeks, results showed that BacoMind® improved memory processing and recall in the adults by 24%. In addition, it improved visual retention by 22%. 

A six month study was completed with children between the ages of six to twelve years old - which found that BacoMind® helped treat symptoms of ADHD. Specifically it helped by, “enhancing self-control and attention, while reducing restlessness”. Overall, 78% of children in the study exhibited reduced signs of learning difficulties and 85% had shown signs of improved memory. 

Another four month study was carried out for children between the ages of four and eighteen - this uncovered results that BacoMind® helped improve learning and processing abilities in children and young adults. Overall 83% of children showed signs of “improvement in memory”. 

BacoMind® otherwise known as Bacopa monnieri, found in Brain Fuel®

Is BacoMind® safe for teenagers? 

Teenagers and young adults are known to have elevated levels of stress and anxiety. Especially when revising and studying for tests or exams, and preparing for presentations which can involve anxiety-inducing public speaking and being graded by superiors. 

Whilst there are many revision techniques such as the blurting revision method and using cognito revision, the right nutrients to support the brain can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety when revising to provide focus and clarity. Supplements, such as Brain Fuel®, as it includes the plant-based ingredient BacoMind®, may help with mental health and brain performance. 

BacoMind® clinical studies found it was human safe with no adverse side effects people fourteen years and older. BacoMind® may be used by those experiencing brain fog, perhaps as a way to alleviate brain fog as a menopause symptom and beat that ‘fuzzy head’ feeling. 

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Where to find BacoMind®

BacoMind® can be found in the supplement Brain Fuel®, an advanced formula of clinically proven botanicals and nutrients for the brain, supporting and improving memory, focus and cognitive performance. Brain Fuel® is a supplement formulated by a team of expert nutritionists, for all diets, with zero gelatin, talc, palm oil, gluten and of course zero bulking agents or anti-caking ingredients. 

Alongside BacoMind® are the plant-based ingredients Ginkgo Biloba, Choline and B-Vitamins. Together, these ingredients in Brain Fuel®, help with productivity, clear brain fog, sharpen minds and beat the 3pm slump. 

Nutrition for brain health

The brain accounts for only 2% of our body but uses 20% of energy intake and requires a wide range of nutrients for optimal function - so it’s essential to feed it the right foods every day.

Omega 3 for brain health 

Omega 3 is actually needed for every cell in our body, ensuring diet is rich in omega 3, or taking an Omega 3 supplement, has many benefits.

In particular, Omega 3 helps with brain function. Omega 3 DHA is needed by the body for brain structure and Omega 3 EPA helps with communication between brain cells. In addition, research has found that Omega 3 helps with moods, memory and cognition. 

Choline for brain health 

Choline helps produce neurotransmitters in the body, which plays an important role in brain function and memory as well as mood. A deficiency of Choline is linked to liver disease and potential disorders in the brain and nervous system. 

Reach for a supplement including Choline or Choline food sources such as edamame beans and tofu as well as quinoa, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and red kidney beans.

B Vitamins for brain health 

B Vitamins play a vital role in brain function as it helps to convert the food we eat into energy for the brain.

Peanut butter and seeds are some examples of foods which provide B-Vitamins to support a healthy brain and energy, find out more in Foods and vitamins to improve your brain

Gingko Biloba for brain health

Ginkgo Biloba helps the body’s cognitive function and performance. In addition, Gingko Biloba helps maintain memory especially with age decline.

BacoMind® key takeaways 

BacoMind® is a powerful plant-based ingredient clinically proven to enhance memory retention. This makes BacoMind® beneficial to people who would like to increase their productivity, keep their mind sharp, alleviate brain fog, support with taking exams and giving presentations. BacoMind® is safe for those who are age fourteen or older, and it is an ingredient in the supplement Brain Fuel®.  Whether a lone worker or as part of a team, nutrition to support the brain is important and game-changing to achieve goals at work and beyond.

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