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The impact of vaginal health on women - new research

The impact of vaginal health on women - new research

Recent research conducted by DR.VEGAN® surveyed 1,202 women of various ages to explore the often-untouched subject of vaginal health. The study aimed to uncover the prevalent issues women face, their causes, available treatments, and the broader impact on their lives and relationships.

The silence around vaginal health

A staggering 95% of women believe that vaginal health is insufficiently addressed in educational settings. Additionally, more than one-third admitted to lacking adequate knowledge about proper vaginal care. This data underscores the need for better education and an open dialogue to prioritise women's health.

Common causes: vaginal infections and UTIs

The research revealed that one-third of the women experienced vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), urinary tract infections (UTIs), or thrush, with over 10% dealing with these issues daily. Various factors contributed to these conditions:

  • Shower and bath products: Over a quarter of the respondents noticed a decline in their vaginal health due to the shower or bath products they used.
  • Stress: 23% reported stress as a significant factor in their vaginal health. In our gut health research of over 700 people, 66% said their gut health worsens when anxious. This can create a domino effect. Stress can impact your gut health, which in turn can impact your vaginal health through the gut-vagina axis.
  • Seasonal changes: extreme changes in weather like heat waves or cold spells. 
  • Diet: Consumption of foods and drinks high in sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, or spices also played a role in vaginal health. Women’s intimate health specialist, Jessica Childs, provides nutritional tips to support vaginal health.

Period-related infections

15% of the women reported infections or thrush around their menstrual cycle. This is believed to be due to period care products that are not designed to support the vaginal microbiome, leading to conditions including thrush, BV, and irritating rashes.

You may be interested in reading our PMS research, discovering symptoms of an unhealthy period or what PMS type you are.

PMS Hero®

PMS Hero®

Vaginal dryness and atrophy

Over half of the women surveyed suffered from vaginal dryness and/or vaginal atrophy, with half of these experiencing it at least weekly. Vaginal atrophy, characterised by the thinning, inflammation, and drying of the vaginal wall, is primarily caused by a drop in oestrogen levels during menopause. Postmenopausal women were found in the research to be five times more likely to experience vaginal atrophy compared to perimenopausal women, and also suffered more frequently from UTIs.

Vaginal health and sexual wellbeing

More than one-third of the respondents reported pain during sex due to infections, dryness, or irritation. With sex often exacerbating these issues as well, this can be a source of frustration and discomfort, further complicating women's health. Certain foods, supplements, and natural lubricants can help alleviate vaginal dryness, making sex more comfortable.

pH Hero®

pH Hero®

Probiotics and vaginal health: the role of pH Hero®

Only 29% of the women surveyed currently take a probiotic to support their vaginal health, despite the significant connection between the gut microbiome and the vagina. Among 68 women taking DR.VEGAN’s pH Hero®, 77% found it effective in addressing vaginal health symptoms, with 90% experiencing relief from issues within eight weeks. These results were superior to those of other probiotics and urinary tract support supplements, highlighting the benefits of a comprehensive formula.

The most common symptoms addressed by pH Hero® include:

  • Itchiness
  • Dryness
  • Thrush
  • UTIs
  • Frequent urination

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