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We’re passionate about health and nutrition, and bringing clarity and expertise to complex subjects through industry-leading research. Here we share our research studies of thousands of women and men to help inspire and educate everyone on how to achieve their health goals.

Menopause Research

The latest menopause research uncovers findings on how menopause impacts your diet, mental health and gut health. As well as the effectiveness of MenoFriend® vs. HRT.

"This is likely to be one of the first surveys of its kind. It reveals invaluable data on gut health and menopause, and highlights the importance of women investing in their diet at this time" - Dr Katie Hodgkinson.

Read the latest research:

Gut Health Research

Did you know poor gut health affects every part of our daily life and can be debilitating? Learn about food triggers and how symptoms impact your overall health and wellbeing, and the most effective solutions to fix and improve your gut health.

Discover the benefits of Gut Works®, 3x more effective than standard probiotics in relieving symptoms, combatting IBS and ensuring you maintain a healthy gut every day.

Skin Health Research

Did you know 44 is the average age that people begin to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

Read the latest research in skin health, including the common issues, the impact on our mental health, and most effective remedies, including Skin Saviour®, a high-strength formula to combat blemishes and fuel your body's natural vegan collagen production for a clearer, glowing skin complexion and healthier ageing.

Stress & Anxiety Research

Did you know mental health is the second biggest health concern globally?

Research of over 12,000 people shows just 4% describe themselves as stress free. Learn the common symptoms of stress and how to find relief.

Discover Stay Calm™, an effective formula to help relieve anxiety and stress.

Sleep Research

Did you know consistently having less than 7 hours of sleep a night can lead to health conditions including high blood pressure, anxiety, weight gain, diabetes and many more? Our sleep research looks into how exercise, diet, stress and age impacts sleep.

Find out how a poor nights sleep affects your physical and mental wellbeing, your energy, resilience, your ability to think clearly and function effectively.

Learn about how to treat poor sleep, including the benefits of Vegan Nights®.

Daily Multi-Vitamin Research

“Do I need to take a daily multi-vitamin?” and “Do daily multi-vitamins make any difference?” are two of the most common questions our nutritionists are asked. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer because it depends on factors including the daily multi-vitamin, the individual's needs and any additional supplements you may be taking.

This is why we conducted independent research to understand how people choose their daily multi-vitamin, how long they’ve been taking them, if they work and how they help.

Discover the symptoms our Daily Multi-Vitamin helps improve and how effective it is.

Bloating Research

Did you know people can experience mild depression as a result of their bloating?

Our research uncovers the causes of bloating, common food intolerances, how bloating affects you and tips on how to beat bloating, including the benefits of Debloat & Detox.

PMS Research

Did you know PMS can be much more severe than the occasional mood and tummy ache, as many believe it to be? 

Discover the debilitating impacts of PMS, common symptoms and how diet plays a role in your symptoms.

Learn about effective treatments like PMS Hero®.