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Led by science, formulated by doctors, specialists, and expert nutritionists, our plant-based supplements are uniquely comprehensive, highly bioavailable, more effective, with zero nasty additives, and provide you with clinically studied nutrients to meet your health goals.

"Best supplements we've come  across."

"Best supplements we've come across."

“DR.VEGAN are progressive and nutritionally astounding."

“DR.VEGAN are progressive and nutritionally astounding."

“DR.VEGAN is pioneering sustainable wellness, providing the quality you deserve.”

“DR.VEGAN is pioneering sustainable wellness, providing the quality you deserve.”

"Only the best quality ingredients being used."

"Only the best quality ingredients being used."

Is your diet powering your body?

At DR.VEGAN® we believe everyone should have access to free expert nutrition advice. Our expert nutritionists and our free online Diet Profile help you understand your diet, showing you the nutrients it provides, how it supports your body and where it doesn't.

“The Diet Profile is great to look at the way you eat and how you can improve your diet.” -Catrina, DR.VEGAN® customer.

Join over 40,000 people, create your free Diet Profile and discover the foods and nutrients your body needs every day. Or just email our nutritionists who are always happy to answer your questions.

Our award-winning range

Our award-winning range of plant-based supplements are recommended by dieticians and nutritionists because they work, and they're better for you.

From probiotics for gut health and combatting IBS, improving hair growth and healthy skin, women's health, overcoming anxiety and stress, to boosting your immunity, mobility, energy, and brain function, we have the solution for you with our clean, highly absorbable and more effective formulas.

Award-winning supplements developed by practitioners

Real results

I’ve only been taking it for 5 weeks and I can see a difference already! My hair is in much better condition, my nails have grown, my eyebrows have grown as have my eyelashes. I am so impressed.


DR.VEGAN Omega 3 is the best, it's great for my brain health and keeping my joints nice and healthy.

George Gregan

I've been taking DR.VEGAN MenoFriend for a year now and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference to my many, many symptoms of the menopause.


Consistency is key, subscribe and save 15% 

When you subscribe to any DR.VEGAN® supplement, you're in complete control.

Cancel at any time

Cancel at any time

With no fee, all online in your account. No ties, no contracts.

Change the delivery frequency

Change the delivery frequency

Select a frequency that suits you, between 28-90 days.

Delay or pause at any time

Delay or pause at any time

If you need to, we understand you may want a break.

Protect our planet

“Sustainable packaging too which is important as most places use too much plastic!” - Jakob, DR.VEGAN® customer.

It's easy to make the right choice and help protect our planet. Our customers have already helped save over 20 tonnes of plastic waste.

Using only ethical ingredients with zero additives or animal ingredients, we deliver your supplements in 100% plastic-free and certified home-compostable pouches through your letterbox. If you subscribe you can save 15% on every order and change the frequency to suit you, reschedule or cancel at anytime.

Delivery is FREE in the UK on all orders over £10.

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