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Gut Works®

Symptoms disappeared overnight unbelievable I have suffered for months with stomach cramps & sleepless nights can’t thank you enough.

Eileen Callow

Taking the gut health pills before bed allows me to wake up with ease in the morning with a slim stomach.

Serena Grierson

They work for me, have been on them over a year and have made my stomach so much better, don’t know where I’d be without them.

George Knight

Bought these on recommendation of the brand Dr Vegan. They seem to be working well. Been taking them for 2 weeks and IBS is a lot better.

Mr Gale


I was desperate to be free from constant night sweats and sleeplessness and thought I'd give these a go. After around 3 weeks I'm completely free from night sweats and I'm sleeping through the night. They've made all the difference in the world and I wouldn't be without them now.


I’ve been using menofriend for a while now. Decided to have a break and wish I hadn’t done that so ordered again. Really does help me massively with my menopause symptoms.


Have used it to replace oestrogel and it seems, after 1 pouch, to be doing the job. Easy to take, and I like the fact I can now travel short haul with no hassle (patches do not agree with me). Really pleased overall.


Fabulous product. Moods have been calmer and I feel a lot less anxious. Magical formulation!

Linda Curtis

Stay Calm®

Fabulous product, I bought it following the reviews I read and was not disappointed, the difference in how i feel is amazing. I only take 1 capsule per day, I am calmer, less stressed, can manage a hectic 11 hour work day as a nurse and feel calm in me. Have got a subscription for it as its so good.


Great product. Has stopped me feeling anxious in the mornings.


This is a good product. I take it every evening with my Menofriend. It has helped smooth out my moods to feel back to normal. I have recommended this to a friend.


Very good product, it really works


Hair Saviour®

I’m 51 and in my menopause and my hair was thinning, especially around the front hairline, I saw these advertised and thought I’d try them… and I’m glad I did, they work! Slowly my hair is growing back at the front and the sides of my hair are actually growing for once!!

Liz Coyle

I’ve only been taking it for 5 weeks and I can see a difference already! My hair is in much better condition, my nails have grown, my eyebrows have grown as have my eyelashes. I am so impressed.


Excellent product been using for a month now and my hair feels so thick and luscious.


This really works, 3 weeks after starting it (unbeknown to my hairdresser), went for my haircut, and my stylist said, "You've got lots of new hair growth.".


Daily Multi-Vitamin

I love these vitamins. They absorb really well, unlike the bigger name brands. They are easy to take and arrive really quickly after being ordered.


Easy to take and I do feel generally brighter.


I’ve been taking Dr Vegan Multivitamins for just over two months. I’m amazed at the results! My skin has improved, my energy levels are up and I generally feel better.


I feel well and my skin has got better since taking this multi vitamin.


Debloat & Detox

Helping with Gerd symptoms


Great product. Easy to take and works well. So good that I'm now a monthly subscriber!


Seem to be doing what it says bloating is no longer a thing I take 2 in the morning with breakfast easy to swallow no side effect.


Really helping with menopausal bloating. 2 capsules with your main meal. Much more comfortable!


Curcumin & Turmeric

Only been using for a few days after using a brand that I'd been using for six months and hadn't felt any benefits in my hip arthritis. DrVegan is twice as strong and I only have to take one tablet.


Easy to swallow and gives help to knee joints.


I use this as I have arthritis in my hands. I find it helps the discomfort and hopefully slows down deterioration.


Works. No Hydrocortisone jabs for over a year.


Skin Saviour®

Can see the difference within 4 weeks and also gives you good bacteria.

Ms Hall

After trying many other skin supplements this is simple to take, no nasty ingredients, competitive price as many skin supplements are too expensive. I have noticed the skin on my arms is less wrinkly as I was starting to notice the crape like effect here so I am pleased.


Great product that works.


Love the clean and ethical ingredients.


Vegan Omega 3

Another great product that I use. Really helps me and my joints, as I love to regularly work out at the gym. At 54 I’ve really noticed the difference since taking them.

Mandy Stewart

The omega 3 supplements is way better than the cheap over the counter ones. Dr. Vegan support team was extremely helpful to sort out promptly a mistake that I made on the shipping address.


Excellent product. No horrid gelatine capsules.


High quality supplements, one of the few sellers that offer different types of omega-3s together & produced from clean, tank-grown algae. I didn't know there was a hierarchy of omega-3 supplements but once I learned better I found that this product offered the best quality/price ratio.


Ashwagandha KSM-66®

I feel much calmer and more ‘level’ in the face of a horrible situation which isn’t likely to change anytime soon, and hopeful that these will help to lessen the impact of long term stress, worry and sadness on my own health.


I took Ashwagandha a few years ago for sleep but it was very expensive. Then I found Dr Vegan KSM 66 and I’m very happy . I know it helps the stress symptoms in my body from the menopause and it helps me relax The quality and ethos of Dr Vegan is excellent, I recommend them to all my friends and family.


I've been taking this for 3 weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern. I still wake at night but not as often and find I drop back off to sleep quickly. I'll continue taking this along with Meno friend.


This Ashwaganda is really effective, and the little storage tin is a brilliant idea.


Vegan Nights®

I needed this to aid my length and quality of sleep for the menopause. It has made such a difference. If I wake up I get back to sleep. I recommend it to all my family and friends etc as sleep is important.

Ms Metcalfe

Sleep has been the most challenging aspect of the menopause for me and this started to allow me to sleep better within a week. I have met so many people who struggle with sleep and always recommend this product.


Been using these for a while now and they work - get me to sleep and if I do wake during the night, I quickly go back to sleep and there are no after effects in the morning. Would recommend them.


I find that these do work, I take 30 mins before I want to sleep and I sleep all night, even if I get up to to go the loo I get straight back to sleep again. No muzzy head in the morning either. Very good.

Mrs Cary

PMS Hero®

Great product! Seen results already. Very impressed.


Has helped with the cramping before and during my period.


I'm very excited about PMS Hero. I can't say for sure what it has or hasn't done, since there are so many variables, but my periods are definitely different. They seem to be more regular, with less spotting before and after, and they seem heavier and a healthier colour. I have been taking them for a few months and will continue to.

Ms Seyer

Works very well. I can now enjoy life better.


pH Hero®

I have been taken theses for over a month and can feel a difference, I used to always feel as though I had a uti lurking. So far feel different, feel more normal, less urgency. Let's see how we go - one year had 6 utis, so let's hope we have zero.


I have fell in love with pH Hero. My bladder has calmed down to the point I'm not running to the loo every half hour, I now go go twice a day and not waking up through the night is a true blessing. I am so grateful to you Dr Vegan you have changed my life. Thank you.

Ms Danson

Works wonders! So impressed with Dr Vegan products.


Very quick delivery and great tin to keep capsules in.


Brain Fuel®

Seems to keep me motivated and energised throughout the day.


Easy to take, and I have certainly felt well and energetic while taking the product.


I took Brain Fuel while revising for my A-Levels and while doing them, and they helped me to stay focussed and motivated.


I am taking Brain Fuel to aid my brain fog in the menopause - I have never taken anything like this to improve my brain health and it’s never to late to start. I took this a few months ago for a month and I could feel a tingling mid brain so I guess it was doing something good 😊



Amazing products. More energy after just one dose of ultra energy!


The Ultra B Complex is very good. So glad discovered Menofriend as helps reduce symptoms. Website easy to use. Products arrive on time. What more could you ask.


Fast delivery from a very good company and they have made a difference for me.Many thanks will order more when required.


Honestly was not expecting much but a week in and everything has changed meno friend and ultra energy has transformed me.


Bone & Muscle Support

Excellent product arrived quickly. Highly recommend.


Excellent product and excellent customer service too.


Been taking Dr Vegan products for a while. Amazing service, quality products, and great communication through email whenever seeking advice. Ongoing repeat customer....Many Thanks.

Mr Bhamji

Fast dispatch and delivery 👍 definitely recommend.

Miss Jane


Just started using these but so far everything is going great...


As always, brilliant service from Dr Vegan. After parcel arrives, Dr V sent an email further clarifying the product with lots of advice. Greatly appreciated.


Have only been taking your supplements for a few days but the difference is outstanding.


Fantastic products - and awesome service! I have been using MenoFriend for a few months now and definitely feel so much better.



Fast delivery very good product. will definitely be ordering again.


I would definitely buy from this company again, not only sell great products at a very good price, if you have a problem they get it sorted out very quickly. Thank you for being true full to your word.


Excellent products and very good service. Subscribe so even easier for getting product each month and kept updated on order.


Very good quality vitamins at a reasonable price and free delivery.