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PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®
PMS Hero®

PMS Hero®

PMS Support | 60 capsules | 2 a day

Mental Performance
Hair, Skin, Nails

PMS Hero® is our advanced formula of clinically studied botanicals, vitamins and minerals to support common signs of your period including cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, mood swings and irritability. PMS Hero® balances your hormones for a better mood, body and mind every day through your cycle. 9 out of 10 women who take PMS Hero® find it effective.

2x more effective than standard remedies
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Why so good?
Research shows PMS Hero® is 2x more effective than other PMS supplements. Including Shatavari, Dong Quai, Bromelain, Chaste Tree, Folate and B Vitamins, PMS Hero® naturally regulates your hormones so you can thrive before, during and after your period. Learn more.
How to take?

For best results, take two capsules every day, together or separately, to naturally regulate hormones throughout your cycle.

You can take PMS Hero® a few days before the onset of PMS, however if this doesn't address your PMS signs, take PMS Hero® each day through your cycle.

Product details

Shatavari Root Extract 300mg **
Dong Quai Root Extract 300mg **
Dandelion Root 200mg **
Bromelain 200GDU **
Ashwagandha KSM-66 Root Extract 150mg **
Agnus Castus Extract (Chaste Berry) 14mg **
Folate 200ug 100%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 16mg 100%
Vitamin B6 10mg 714%
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 12mg 200%
Magnesium 56mg 15%
Chromium 80ug 200%
  • * NRV - Nutrient Reference Value
  • ** No NRV Established
PMS Hero® has been formulated by hormone health and nutrition experts to provide a unique blend of botanicals, minerals and vitamins to ease the most common signs of your period and monthly cycle including cramps, mood swings, irritability, low mood, bloating and craving.

Shatavari is often referred to as the "Queen of herbs" that is said to help your body cope with physical and emotional stress. Believed to help support the female reproductive system and perceived as a 'female tonic' for its rejuvenating properties, Shatavari has been taken for thousands of years to help with menstrual-related issues and PMS, helping regulate the menstrual cycle, and acting as a uterine tonic.

Dong Quai is often referred to as 'Female Ginseng' and is commonly for PMS.

Chaste Tree (Agnus Castus) is traditionally used to reduce signs of premenstrual tension and irregular periods.

Dandelion Root is acclaimed to help maintain normal urinary flow and a healthy urinary tract function. And it has other benefits including:
- Prebiotic effects contributing to gastrointestinal wellbeing;
- Helping maintain a normal appetite by stimulating the production of the body's digestive fluid, thereby also helping maintain a normal liver function.

Our Ashwagandha KSM-66® is acclaimed for supporting your mental wellbeing, helping reduce the signs of stress and bringing a sense of calm, promoting relaxation in your body. Our Ashwagandha KSM-66 is recognised by experts as the optimal form of this natural herb (an adaptogen) from India, where it is carefully extracted and has been taken for centuries as a natural source of energy and vitality.

Chromium contributes to your normal macronutrient metabolism and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Folate supports normal blood formation, psychological function and homocysteine metabolism.

Vitamin B3
- contributes to your normal psychological function;
- contributes to your energy-yielding metabolism;
- contributes to the functioning of your nervous system and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B5
- contributes to your normal energy-yielding metabolism;
- contributes to your mental performance and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B6
- contributes to the normal functioning of your nervous system
- contributes to your homocysteine metabolism, protein and glycogen metabolism, psychological function and red blood cell formation.

Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supporting your electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism and psychological function.

PMS Hero® shouldn't be taken if you have a history of blood clotting or clotting risk, or if you're using blood thinner medication or anticoagulants. Consult with your GP or healthcare provider if you're taking any prescribed medication before taking PMS Hero® or other food supplements.

- Botanicals and their bioactive phytochemicals for women"s health. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5050441/
- Systematic review of premenstrual, postmenstrual and infertility disorders of agnus castus: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5308513/
- Impact of stress on female reproductive health disorders: possible beneficial effects of Shatavari
INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Citrate, Organic Dandelion Root Powder, Ashwagandha KSM-66® (Withania somnifera) Root Extract, Bromelain, Shatavari Root Extract (Asparagus racemosus), Dong Quai Root Extract, Niacin (Nicotinamide), Agnus Castus Extract, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid, Calcium Salt), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Chromium Picolinate, Folate (Calcium-L-Methylfolate), Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose).

FREE FROM: Added Sugar, Starch, Sweeteners, Gluten, Wheat, Soya, Lactose, Dairy, Artificial Flavours, Colours and Preservatives.

Read our reviews

Great product! Seen results already. Very impressed.


Has helped with the cramping before and during my period.


I'm very excited about PMS Hero. I can't say for sure what it has or hasn't done, since there are so many variables, but my periods are definitely different. They seem to be more regular, with less spotting before and after, and they seem heavier and a healthier colour. I have been taking them for a few months and will continue to.

Ms Seyer

Works very well. I can now enjoy life better.















91% of women who take PMS Hero® daily find it effective

Read the latest research

Why take PMS Hero®?

For mood swings, irritability, cramps and breast tenderness
Naturally balances hormones through your whole cycle
Includes Shatavari, Vitamin B6 and Chaste Tree

100% vegan, advanced PMS formula

For PMS discomfort
Supports your mood and fights fatigue
Supports energy and metabolism
PMS Hero®
"The best supplements for hormonal health that promise to restore balance."

"The best supplements for hormonal health that promise to restore balance."

"The women’s health range has taken the UK by storm."

"The women’s health range has taken the UK by storm."

"Best supplements we've come across"

"Best supplements we've come across"

Effective ingredients

Dong Quai

Dong Quai has been extensively studied for helping regulate hormones and signs of menopause and PMS, including mood swings, insomnia, hot flushes and night sweats.


Often referred to as the 'Queen of herbs', Shatavari has been used for thousands of years to help with cramps, irritability, and coping calmly with stress.

Chaste Berry

Chaste Tree (Agnus Castus) is a traditional herb used for signs of PMS including irritability, mood swings, breast tenderness and headaches.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root supports the body's natural purification process, contributes to gastrointestinal wellbeing and helps protect against digestive discomfort.

Ashwagandha KSM-66®

KSM-66® is the patented and most clinically trialled form of Ashwagandha, giving rise to its world-wide acclaim for supporting stamina and helping the body manage pressure.

What to expect


Improved weight management and appetite control.

Enjoy less PMS-related joint and back discomfort.


Signs of bloating and gas subside. 

Change in any menstrual cramps.

Reduced feelings of stress.

Fewer food cravings.



Better-regulated hormones.

Periods become more regular within 2-3 months, heavy periods are alleviated.

Less hormonal acne and better inner confidence.



Improved weight management and appetite control.

Enjoy less PMS-related joint and back discomfort.



Enjoy less feelings of brain fog and enjoy a better mood.

Better mental clarity and focus.

Inner calm and an improved ability to cope with stress. 

You may also enjoy less feelings of constipation.



Signs of bloating and gas subside. 

Change in any menstrual cramps.

Reduced feelings of stress.

Fewer food cravings.


1-7 DAYS

Reduced breast tenderness.

Enjoy improved energy levels.

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Frequently paired with...

Questions? We have answers:


We don't recommend taking PMS Hero® and PeriMenoFriend® together, because many of the nutrients are similar and provide additive doses, which isn’t necessary.

If your periods are still relatively regular, and you're experiencing heightened PMS, we recommend PMS Hero®. If your periods are relatively irregular, and you're experiencing heightened PMS alongside perimenopause, we recommend taking PeriMenoFriend®. If you're not sure if you're starting menopause, read our excellent blog: 'How to know if you're starting menopause?'.

If you're experiencing PMS, you may also want to pair PeriMenoFriend® with magnesium for abdominal cramps and sleep. If you need additional support for managing stress, you can take our Ashwagandha KSM-66® or Stay Calm® alongside PeriMenoFriend®.

Can I take PMS Hero® if I have PCOS?

PMS Hero® is safe to take if you suffer PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). PCOS can often be related to issues with blood sugar, insulin resistance (also known as pre-diabetes) and type 2 diabetes. If you have issues with managing blood sugar, we recommend GlucoBalance®, our advanced natural formula for managing blood sugar and blood glucose, which is commonly taken alongside PMS Hero®.

You may also enjoy hearing from our nutritionists on 'What is insulin resistance' and '10 symptoms of diabetes to look out for'

Can diet help PMS?

Absolutely yes.

Ensuring your diet is full of foods rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin B6, among others is really important to help manage signs of PMS. Learn more from our nutritionists in 'Nutrition for PMS symptoms' and create your free online Diet Profile to find out what nutrients your diet is missing.

Can my daughter take PMS Hero®?

Our supplements are formulated for adults and older teenagers so. If your daughter is not taking prescribed medication or under any medical supervision, and as long as she doesn’t have existing medical conditions and she is of average size and weight for her age, then it is safe to take PMS Hero®, either at one capsule a day or two capsules a day.

It is common for teenagers taking PMS Hero® to start by taking just one capsule a day instead of the recommended daily dose of two capsules, and if this is sufficient to help with PMS signs that is fine. If there is no improvement after a few weeks or first month, then she can increase to the recommended dose of two capsules each day.

Diet and what you eat is also vitally important during this time, and this article on 'Nutrition for PMS' provides excellent advice on the best foods to reach for and those to avoid.

Can you take PMS Hero® and Stay Calm® together?

Yes, PMS Hero® and Stay Calm® are a very popular combination.

Our supplements, with a few exceptions, are designed so they can be taken alongside each other when necessary. Stay Calm® and PMS Hero® are commonly used together because they're so effective individually and as a combination. You can vary the times that you take your capsules according to what is most convenient for you. You can also take them together or separately through the day.

Should I take PMS Hero® every day?

We recommend taking two capsules each day through your cycle to enjoy the full benefits of PMS Hero® in regulating hormones naturally.

You can take PMS Hero® a few days before the onset of PMS, and for some people this is effective, however, if this doesn’t address your PMS signs, we recommend taking PMS Hero each day. If you find that you only need to take one capsule a day that’s absolutely fine.

You may begin to feel a difference within a week or two, depending on when you begin taking PMS Hero® in your cycle. Many women taking PMS Hero® enjoy the full benefits during their second cycle when taking two capsules each day. Everyone is different and it’s a case of monitoring what works best for you.


Create your FREE Diet Profile today and discover the nutrients your body needs and what you may be missing.


All our products are plant-based, naturally sourced with zero nasty additives and certified home-compostable. By giving customers a sustainable, plastic-free supplement option, we've helped save over 15 tonnes of plastic from entering landfill.

Hear from our expert nutritionists

The surprising life impacts of PMS

PMS symptoms can have a debilitating impact on women's daily lives. Our PMS research explores the extent and impact of PMS and the effectiveness of treatments for PMS. 91% of users find PMS Hero® effective.

What PMS type are you?

Did you know there are different types of PMS?

Anxiety, cravings, water retention, depression and extreme symptoms are all different types of PMS.  Some of us can have one type, others can have a mix.

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