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Why we need to stop and think about our bedding

Why we need to stop and think about our bedding

The majority of the UK population will be slipping into cotton or polyester bedding when they get into bed tonight. The issue is that these choices are not particularly good for our health and terrible for the environment.

Why sleep is important

We spend of our lives sleeping and getting a good night’s sleep has been shown again and again to be essential to a healthy, productive and happy day. Yet we suffer from terrible sleeping habits. The latest research by DR.VEGAN® found 73% of people struggle to sleep at least 3 nights a week.

Sleep expert, Matthew Walker, recommends between 7-9 hours of good-quality sleep each night. And by good quality, he recommends keeping a routine, not napping during the day, limiting alcohol and caffeine intake and avoiding screens before bed. All these things require some effort and discipline; however, we can give ourselves a much better chance of sleeping well without having to do anything simply by choosing the right bedding.

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The advantages of investing in the right bedding

We recommend bedding made from eucalyptus (also known as Tencel Lyocell), which helps you achieve your sleep goals due to its unique material properties.

  • First, eucalyptus is incredibly soft and silk-like. Being frictionless and naturally hypoallergenic, eucalyptus fibres are kind on even the most sensitive skin and hair.
  • The fibres are incredibly breathable and allow your body to temperature regulate, leaving you cosy but never too hot or cold.

All this is possible because of its ability to wick away moisture, which also means that Tencel bedding is ideal for any hot sleeper or anyone susceptible to night sweats.

While health is important, there is no need to compromise on craft and style

When it comes to eucalyptus bedding, you can’t make a better choice than Kuroa. Kuroa specialises in Tencel bedding and cuts no corners. The bedding is handcrafted in Portugal and in addition to using 100% Tencel fabric, they use recycled and reclaimed buttons, thread and elastic.

Even better, they also offer a repair service, send out spare buttons and thread if needed and will help you recycle your bedding at the end of its life. They also offer a 100 night-sleep well guarantee. You have 100 nights to enjoy the benefits and fall in love with Kuroa; if not, you can return the products free of charge.

Sustainability in the home

Home textiles, meaning bedding, towels, soft furnishings, curtains and carpets, are still dominated by the old way of doing things, whether it is sweaty polyester blends, cheaply sourced cotton mixes, or opaque supply chains. These established practices are bad for the planet, our health and our homes.

Kuroa was created to fill the gap and create a bedding range that uses the best material science to make products that help you sleep, look after your skin and hair, look great in your home and address the negative impact of making them.

In addition to being a pending B-Corp and 1% for the planet member, Kuroa also leads the way in sustainability by choosing low-impact materials sourced from sustainably certified forests and a circular production system to eradicate water waste and chemical pollution.

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