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Form: Amino Acid

Food source: Soy, pumpkin and squash seeds, bananas, oranges and parmesan cheese.

Benefits of L-Glycine

  • Mental performance
  • Calm
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Healthy joints

      What is L-Glycine? 

      L-Glycine is an amino acid, an organic compound in the body that forms proteins and plays a role in the levels of hormones in the brain. L-Glycine is used in various muscle, metabolic and cognitive functions as well as helping to break down glycogen and fat to be used for energy in our cells.

      L-Glycine is thought to have a calming effect on your brain, reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and enhancing sleep quality through inducing REM sleep. REM is when we’re in deep sleep, where our muscles relax, brain activity increases and dreaming occurs vividly. Our body requires several hours of REM sleep for memory consolidation, emotional processing and brain development. 

      In addition to inducing deeper sleep, L-Glycine may also help to reduce sleep onset latency (i.e. it can help falling asleep quicker) and also have a regenerative effect, reducing feelings of tiredness during the day. In our latest sleep research, we found a shocking 73% of people have trouble sleeping at least 3 nights a week. Discover ‘How diet impacts your sleep quality’.

      L-Glycine is also associated with a range of other health benefits, including the forming of proteins, one of which is collagen. Collagen is used in a range of bodily processes, benefitting the elasticity and vitality of your skin, the healthiness of your hair and the maintenance of your joints. You may enjoy reading ‘The truth about collagen’.