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What is Dong Quai?

What is Dong Quai?

Hormones play a powerful role in a person’s health and well-being, particularly in women’s health. These chemical messengers travel through the blood and tell the body what to do. Female hormone imbalances can affect women emotionally, mentally and even physically and is particularly common during PMS, pregnancy and menopause.

The root of the Dong Quai plant can have an effect on hormones, such as oestrogen, and may help to alleviate symptoms women experience during PMS and menopause.

What is Dong Quai?

Dong Quai, also known as the ‘Chinese angelica root’ and the ‘Female ginseng’, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries by herbalists and traditional healers as a therapeutic remedy to support blood quality and flow by opening blood vessels as well as stimulate and support the relaxation of muscles in the uterus.

Benefits of Dong Quai

Dong Quai is commonly used to help with menstruation and menopause symptoms, irregular menstrual cycles and infrequent periods. A. Hywood in the Botanical Medicine for Women's Health notes that Dong Quai has been traditionally prescribed as a “reproductive tonic for women with fatigue and low vitality”.

Not only can Dong Quai help with headaches, but it is also suggested to help with high blood pressure, support the body’s kidney and liver function, and the immune system.

Less common symptoms that Dong Quai has been suggested to help include pale, dry skin; blurry vision and rapid heartbeat.

Menstruation and Dong Quai

Women on their period may find Dong Quai ‘soothing’ as it is often used to treat PMS symptoms including mood swings, headaches and breast tenderness. Dong Quai has been suggested to help with bloat as it contains antispasmodic properties that help relieve abdominal cramps by suppressing muscle spasms.

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Menopause and Dong Quai

Traditionally known as the ‘heating herb’, Dong Quai is commonly used to help symptoms of perimenopause and menopause including hot flushes, night sweats and insomnia. In addition, it may help to treat mood swings, irritability and lack of libido.

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Key takeaway

Dong Quai is a plant-based ingredient that can help with female health concerns. It is used to naturally soothe and treat symptoms of PMS and menopause such as mood swings, headaches, cramps and hot flushes.

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