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I have finished one month's supply. I no longer have night sweats or hot flushes in the day, my period is lighter and not cramping, and I am normally doubled up in pain and heavy; amazing so far!


I love it, in just a few days I started to feel the benefits. I’ve now been on them for 4 weeks and feel like “the old me” is back. The brain fog, anxiety, night sweats have all gone. I feel so much happier and I’m not aching as much either. Thank you MenoFriend for giving me, me back 😁


I have definitely seen an improvement in my mood, sleep and night sweats! I do take HRT too which I’ve been taking for a year but the improvements I have seen with menofriend have for me personally been far more noticeable. I have now subscribed after a month of using them (2 capsules before bed) 👍


I was really surprised that after two weeks of using this my night time sweats had stopped! Would really recommend people try it for a month and see how they get on with it. A life changer for me.


This product really does work. It has completely eased my bloated stomach and I feel normal again.


These have really made a difference for me. They have helped with the anxiety and brain fog associated with menopause and I notice a difference if I forget to take them. They have become as much a part of my routine as the HRT I'm taking and they seem to work well together.

Ms Stephenson

I’ve been taking these for 5 weeks now and they have really helped with my peri-menopausal symptoms, such as flushes, aching muscles, brain fog and tingling in arms and legs. Can’t recommend enough.


I have noticed a huge difference in how I am feeling after taking these for just 3 weeks. Best friend recommended supplements ever!


This is truly an amazing product and has helped me so much. Not only has it got rid of my fatigue, and fog, but has helped with my joint stiffness and pain. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you so much 💗


Brilliant, easy to swallow. I have been taking these for about 6 months (2 a day) and no more night sweats, brain fog or low self esteem. Can’t praise them enough.


I’ve been taking the menopause supplement for three months now and can’t believe the difference in my symptoms - less irritability, improved energy, less brain fog and NO menstrual cramps or clots which I had had for years. I wish I’d found Dr Vegan when I was much younger for helping with all things menstrual.


Quite simply, this works. No hot flashes no night sweats, no symptoms at all.


I was really struggling with brain fog. It was words that were lost to me and my recall of them was almost impossible. It took about 6 weeks of these before I noticed a difference. I've now taken them for about 6 months and my memory is so much better. It's like I've gone back to being in my 20's.


Absolutely blown away with my MenoFriend, feel alive!! No sweats, just so happy.


Amazing. No more hot flushes, brain fog, sleepless nights etc. Feel like my old self again. Tried so many different things to help me through menopause and finally found something that works.


I have finally come off my HRT now. This is far better and totally drug free. I would highly recommend.


These are amazing 👏 I've only been taking them for a week and my hot flushes have totally stopped 😊 I'm sleeping better and my sex drive has came back. No other reviews actually comment about this.


My Hot Flushes went from pretty much every hour, to 3/4 times a day in about 3 days and a week later, they are virtually non-existent. I can't recommend this enough!


I’ve finally found a product that’s helping with my menopause symptoms after months of “try this” or “what about…” I can get on with living Also the customer service has been amazing!!


100/100. Superb, awesome, excellent, wonderful, brilliant, outstanding. Would recommend to anyone who is suffering with menopause symptoms, use these and you will feel totally new. Thank you Dr Vegan.


One of my debilitating symptoms is anxiety. Despite taking HRT for 12 months, the anxiety was kicking back in and I was discussing increasing my HRT with my Doctor. Then I discovered Menofriend!! It’s been a game changer, so much so I recommend it to all my friends. My anxiety has gone since taking it and even the hubby has noticed. And I’ve not had to increase my HRT either.


Fabulous, quality products that do exactly what they say - Menofriend is by far the best, safest most natural product I have ever taken, and it works!!!

Ms Cairns

I came off HRT a couple of months ago due to weight gain, swollen legs and achy painful ankles. Started taking this just over a month ago and I must say they are better than my HRT, the pain in my ankles is so much better, I don't have hot sweats and I'm sleeping better. My moods are better too... highly recommend.


What a lifesaver for me. Stopped my night sweats, daytime hot flushes and have given me so much more energy. Took about 2-3 weeks initially to feel the difference but worth the wait!


Amazing product! I haven’t slept well for 13 years, since taking this I sleep like a baby…would never be without it!


I’ve been taking menofriend for a couple of years now & it has definitely improved my menopause symptoms.


I've been taking this supplement for just over 3 months - sweats and night sweats greatly reduced - don't ache as much either - I would thoroughly recommend especially if you don't want to or may be cannot go down the HRT route.


These Menofriend capsules are absolutely the best, I’ve tried nearly everything else but I decided to try these. After the first month I noticed a change, my moods and anxiety have changed, and my hot sweats are not as bad. I feel so much better, I’ve been taking them for two months and I’ve just ordered another two months. I’d gladly recommend these to anyone.


You make me feel all woman!

Miss Dudley

I’ve been taking menofriend for a few weeks and feel so different. Like the old me was coming back. I’m coping at work now the brain fog is easing. I’m Sleeping better. Calm throughout the day and hot flushes have stopped at night. I felt the positive effect after 3 weeks. Give a try lovelies!


This is remarkable!! I'm a breast cancer survivor so I want something more natural to help me with symptoms. These are a game changer. Weight is starting to come off, night sweats aren't as regular, and I'm sleeping which is amazing.


Perfect. Recommended by a friend and yes it definitely has changed my life. Read all the reviews that says this works because they are 100% true, thank you very much Dr Vegan! Bought my second lot already!


After using Menofriend for over a year now, my menopause symptoms have significantly reduced, I have recommended this product to many ladies in their second spring 😂


Life changing. Really have made a difference with my menopause symptoms and I sleep better.


Comes regularly. Really works. My hot flushes are much reduced. I thought I’d try and go without to see what happened and the symptoms came back really bad so I signed up for the recurring batch to be sent out so I didn’t run out.

Ms Clegg

I did send off for this thinking 'well I will try anything to see if it can give me myself back'... I can genuinely say for me it's been ace! More energy and I feel more balanced in general. Brilliant product.


What can I say... but wow! Four weeks in and my hot flushes and night sweats have ceased! Thank you Dr. Vegan... fantastic natural product!


I was going through hell. Now I'm back to how I was, happy happy. Recommended 10 our of 10.


I ordered these as I wanted to stop taking HRT. They arrived within 2 days and so far so good. I haven't had any hot flushes and my mood is more positive.


I was dubious about these and I just came off HRT. It took a while and I noticed when I forgot to take the pills. Feel much better now and more energised. Happy to buy no-nonsense vegan formula. A great find.


Wonderful. I have tried many things but this has worked for me, stopped my night sweats completely. Will definitely re-order x.


These are amazing. I'm about to order my 3rd mth supply. After the 1st mth I was a little slow in re-ordering and I felt the difference after 2-3 days. I had slipped straight back to my unwanted menopause symptoms. These alleviate my hot flushes, help me sleep, but mostly they are amazing for my memory.


I am speechless... I went from sinking under every nasty symptom of the menopause, to being symptom free!!!! Mood, sweats, VA, disturbed sleep... all gone. I am astounded...thank you 💚


Best thing that's happened to me discovering these little beauties!! I feel amazing since taking them, no hot sweats, flushes, brain fog or aches and pains!! Bloody superb product!!!


I'm now 4 months taking these, anxiety, hot flushes, night sweats have all gone. Menopause has no longer taken complete charge of my life with the help of these.


This product has improved my life overnight. I have suffered with hot flushes and sweats for 10 years but since taking the first capsule, I haven't had a single sweat or flush, and I am sleeping so much better.


I'm taking them and for me they were miraculous within a few days, go for it 💜


Been on these for a few months. Started them on a Saturday and by Wednesday/Thursday I can honestly say I woke up feeling different. Highly recommend these, absolutely brilliant x.


Husbands point of view. After a few years of seeing my wife's low mood, anxiety, confidence shot to pieces and everything else associated with the menopause, thank you Dr Vegan for MenoFriend. I have my wife back! Yes it took 3 weeks or so to kick in but what a massive difference to our lives.


After using MenoFriend for over a year now, my menopause symptoms have significantly reduced. I have recommended this product to many ladies in their second spring.


Within a few days my night sweats had cut down considerably and after a couple of months I have so much more energy and mood swings are definitely not as bad.


I am so happy I saw the advert for these. It has made such a difference to my hot flushes. I only may have 1 every few days now, I was getting at least 8 or 9 every day. I also feel better in myself and not as tired. Very highly recommend.


I did send off for this thinking 'well I will try anything to see if it can give me myself back'... I can genuinely say for me it's been ace! More energy and I feel more balanced in general. Brilliant product.


Got 15% off my first order...chose these after doing some research on them and loved how "clean" they are!! After the very first tablet taken, I have not had 1 night sweat or hot flush, brain fog cleared, joints improving, sleeping much better, thoroughly amazed and so glad I chose these rather than HRT!! ABSOLUTELY GOING TO STAY ON THESE, MY MIRACLE MENOPAUSE PILL!! Would highly recommend!! Thank goodness for Dr Vegan!! XX 👌🥰


Love these, eliminated so many symptoms. All your products are great and reasonably priced.


A week in taking these and I do feel more energised and up beat. The mood clouds have moved away. I am not sure if they are helping with the flashes the jury is still out on that one. If you are struggling with your mood I would highly recommend giving these a try.


It's early days, but my joints are definitely aching less. I'm still getting hot flushes but am going to keep taking the tablets as I do feel much better.


Been taking menofriend for a few months now. They definitely do relieve the symptoms of the menopause. Can highly recommend this product.


Has helped my symptoms especially mind fog and flushes. Very pleased indeed.


Dr Vegan has helped to reduce my hot flushes. I hardly have any now.


Amazing will never be without.


These helped my hot flushes so much, love that it’s natural.


These have pretty much stopped my hot flushes, which is amazing!


To be honest I only chose these because they were cheaper than other ‘menopause’ supplements. I have to say though that a month taking these I’ve actually had less fatigue and my mood swings are therefore not like they were before. I’ve even been out late and partied a couple of times which I haven’t had the energy to do for quite a while!! So I am very pleased.

C Scott

After taking the capsules I had my 1st nights sleep, I am now on day 4 & have slept every night, BRILLIANT!!!!!!


The order came very quickly and after a couple days I felt the difference, I couldn't believe how much energy I had. No sweat nights, energy and mood improved. So far so good. I will carry on taking this vitamins and recommend them for sure. Thanks Dr Vegan 🙏🏻


I bought these because I was experiencing night sweats. I'm 48 years old. No other symptoms yet but it was disturbing my sleep. I'm really thrilled to report that I've already had several "night sweat" free nights. What a difference it makes to my mood and ability to function the next day. I would definitely recommend.


I’m amazed, I was very sceptical at first but my night sweats were horrendous so thought I’d give them a try. Took 3 weeks to start kicking in. Just ordered my second lot. Absolutely amazing tablets , didn’t think anything would work they were that bad. They’re a miracle tablet .... honestly


So far, MenoFriend has been working for me (second month now). Top tips/information from the company. 💪💪 Vegan friendly!!


This really works. Many times I have looked at products wondering if they will work, this does and quickly for me. Within a few days I was seeing results.


I have been taken menofriend for the past year but recently stopped, it wasn’t long before my night sweats came back. Reordered another supply and my night sweats are quickly abating.


Been taking it for less than a week and feel so much better.


Taken a few month's but the best hormone help I've taken. Have been able to cut my prescribed HRT down to a minimum.


Been using menofriend for 4 months now, amazing product, take them with hrt patch too.


Have been using menofriend for 4 months, for me the change was almost instant, within the first week was getting good nights sleep for first time in over 5 years, truly fantastic product.


Amazing! My night sweats and daytime flushes have dramatically reduced. Thank you dr vegan x.


Menofriend has definitely reduced hot flushes and helped improve sleep. Well packaged, quick delivery. Would recommend this.


Life changing.


It has helped my night sweats… I am so grateful. My sleep is better.. more restful.


My happy pills 😁😁 Thats me been taking menofriend for 4 weeks and the difference in myself is great, I'm a lot calmer, I'm sleeping better and my weight is slowly coming down. I've now subscribed to monthly deliveries.


Absolutely brilliant, i cannot believe the difference this has made.


Helped with aches and brain fog, will definitely carry on using. Have been on it for about 5 weeks now.


So far so good. I’m actually sleeping, soundly, right through the night! Which was my main issue. I still get an occasional hot flush but nothing like I was, an that odd one is pretty tame in comparison. All in all I’m really happy with menofriend.


Tried menofriend a while ago but didn't know how good it worked till I stop taking them. Just two weeks into restarted them and feel so much better so won't do that again!


Easy to take & has definitely helped me feel more myself again, along with my HRT medication.


I can’t believe the difference I feel after taking these tablets for less than a week, night sweats have stopped completely after struggling for months, please give them a go I have found the results unbelievable.


Along with HRT this is helping managing my symptoms better than any other product I’ve tried.


Started to really suffer with hot flushes starting at 3am until I got up. Then they started in the day. Really started to make me dread going to bed. Started taking Menofriend 4 days ago and not had a hot flush since.


Started New Year’s Eve, 10 days later no hot flushes no joint pain. Due to breast cancer cannot take HRT.. wouldn’t even consider it, if I could take it. Brilliant product thank you Dr Vegan.


Since starting taking these products ive noticed a huge difference with my menopause symptoms, flushing has literally stopped!! Phew!!


I've just started these 3 weeks ago and I found my night sweats have settled down, I'm sleeping lots better too and my stomach is not as bloated. Tried lots of HRT which were definitely not for me. I'm sticking with MenoFriend.


Tremendous help with night sweats I can really say they have more or less stopped. Would definitely recommend it.


I had literally given up trying to explain to my gp, about the sweats etc. I decided to give this a try and I literally don't have a lot of the symptoms anymore. This works for me.


Absolute game changer. I need more.


Fabulous product! Makes all my menopausal symptoms much more manageable. Will not go without it!

Ms Wagland

Having not got on with HRT a family member recommended this product, I was a bit sceptical but I thought give it a go. So been taking for around 3 weeks and feel great, don’t want to jinx it but I’m hoping I continue to feel this way!!


Omg with in a week I felt great. Every symptom seems to have got better, the brain fog was so bad but since taking this the brain fog has gotten so much better to the point it’s almost gone, thank u.


Using these for 3 weeks now and I can see a marked difference in my sleep, much better, love it, thank you.


Been taking menofriend for 3 weeks now and definitely feel better. Less body aches and sleeping so much better. Less headaches too.


This has really helped me. My brain fog is so much better. I'm not so agitated and I'm sleeping better.


These have been a game changer for me. I noticed a difference in how I was feeling within 2 weeks of taking them. They’re now part of my morning routine.


I started suffering from night sweats and brain fog and saw the advert with Sarah Parish, so I thought I would give it a go, and it's brilliant, no more of those problems for me :) thank you.


Only taken 2 doses of tablets and already my all night inferno hot sweat has reduced from being ongoing from 10pm to 6am to just 2 episodes last night. I was actually cold that I had to have a duvet on me. 1st time in 18 mths! Thank you!!

Tina Lee

It took 7 weeks but all my symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, night shivers) have completely gone. Couldn’t be happier.


I’ve always been a bit sceptical of how effective “herbal” remedies are. I was having a lot of menopause symptoms, primarily night-flushes which disturbed sleep, after 16 days taking menofriend I’ve not had a single night flush for the last 2 weeks & my memory has improved. It REALLY has made a huge difference to my life.


I have taken the capsules for a few years now and they provide me with complete relief from very painful VA. I cannot speak highly enough of the help and consideration the company give me.


Fantastic product which has literally eliminated all the awful symptoms i was experiencing post menopause... no more forgetfulness, no more brain fog and i can hold a decent conversation again 😊


To every Lady that is struggling with menopause symptoms---Menofriend saved me, no hot flashes, sleep much much better, and even lost some weight! I am just on the 4-month taking the Menofriend ♥️


I come off hrt patches due to my body swelling up & putting on weight. I was searching online for something else I could take & found Dr Vegan, take two capsules in the morning, I’ve been taken them since last December, no menopause symptoms & the price of them are good too.


These Menopause vitamins are a game-changer. After years of being awake all night and back to back hot flashes, I now sleep soundly. Brain fog has also finally lifted. It’s wonderful to feel normal again.


Everything you need in one. I literally felt a difference the moment I started taking it. I am someone who is super sensitive to medications and prescription painkillers, I can't normally take anything, maybe this is why I've noticed a difference straight away but thank goodness it's a good difference. 🙏 I feel more mental clarity and energy. My husband said I seem happier. 👍


I’ve pretty much forgotten that I’m peri menopausal 😊 Menofriend REALLY does do what it’s designed for! And your magnesium! 👍😊🎉💕


My night sweats and evening itching have stopped within the last 3 weeks of taking these. They are amazing for my perimenopausal symptoms. I would highly recommend.


I love it , I went into the patches HRT which did not work for me at all but after taking for almost a month MenoFriend I am back to be myself, fulll of energy, sleep so well and my mood is back to be the happy person I was before I was hit with the annoying menopause's symptoms.


This little tablet is a god send. It has reduced my sweats, I've been able to think clearly a d most importantly for me I've got my sleep pattern back.


So far so good. It’s early days of taking the capsules but I do feel a lot better. Reduced hot flushes and sleeping is a whole lot better. THANK YOU.


This has changed my life, I mean it! No more hot flashes, mood swings, pains in my joints. I also have my old energy back again and feel better than I have in years. The biggest thing is that I am losing the extra weight that crept on and I am so proud of myself for this.


Absolutely love this product, it really does help with my menopause symptoms, so glad I found it and gave it a go. Been using for quite some time now and noticed difference straight away.


I had been getting unbearable joint pain and was skeptical that anything herbal would work, but these really seem to.


Fantastic, feeling myself again, all my aches and pains have gone, no hot flushes anymore.


Been using 2 months now and feel great. Less anxious, night sweats almost none, mood lighter, less bloated, brain fog less often. I would recommend totally 👌

Miss Stead

I feel much calmer, less sweaty and sleep better. I take this with HRT. Would recommend.


Absolutely amazing! Changed my mood within a week! Brilliant product!


Excellent delivery, exactly what I ordered and so far fantastic results. My hot flushes are down and I’m feeling good whilst taking this product along side HRT. No side effects so far love it thanks DR.VEGAN.


Started feeling better after 3 days! 6 days on them and I had a 1st night without waking up because of hot flashes. Amazing. So happy.


I’ve been taking these now for some time and they’ve made such a difference to my menopausal symptoms. I totally recommend them!


I have been taking these capsules for about 3 months now and I am certainly feeling that my symptoms have eased . Would highly recommend these And delivery is outstanding.


I have used this product MenoFriend for months and I know it really works because if I miss one day I can feel the difference in myself. My hot flushes have reduced my mood is better and I feel overall so much better and calmer. Would recommend.

Ms Grice
easy to swallow
kind on stomach


of women who take MenoFriend® enjoy relief from symptoms

Read the latest research

Why take MenoFriend®?

89% of women who take MenoFriend® enjoy relief from symptoms
Relieves brain fog, mood swings, hot flushes, poor sleep, fatigue and more
Multi award-winning formula. Enhances sleep, energy and cognitive performance

Expert formula, 100% plant-based

Relieves menopause discomfort
Supports bones and joints
Can also be taken with HRT

Effective ingredients

What to expect?

3-4 Weeks

Start to enjoy relief from common symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, bloating and constipation. Experience fewer mood swings and periods of anxiousness and benefit from improved sleep.

3 Months

For those who experience severe hot flushes and night sweats, they are reduced by 80%.

1-2 Weeks

You are likely to begin to feel relief from symptoms including brain fog and fatigue and better support for your bone density.

3-4 Weeks

Start to enjoy relief from common symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, bloating and constipation. Experience fewer mood swings and periods of anxiousness and benefit from improved sleep.

2 Months

Improvement in symptoms of vaginal atrophy, including pain and dryness due to better regulation of hormones.

3 Months

For those who experience severe hot flushes and night sweats, they are reduced by 80%.

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Questions? We have answers:

Can I take MenoFriend® with HRT?

Yes. While MenoFriend® is a natural supplement to relieve symptoms of menopause, it can also be taken alongside HRT to relieve symptoms of menopause where HRT doesn't and is commonly done so. This includes HRT medications, patches or gels.

How many people take HRT?

Did you know less than 20% of menopausal women in the UK take HRT? The majority want to find a natural solution to managing their hormones during this natural phase of life, however, there are other reasons, including the effectiveness of HRT, not being able to take HRT due to having had cancer and other reasons.

Read the latest research into the symptoms of menopause, their impact on mental health, the effectiveness of HRT and the effectiveness of MenoFriend®.

Does my diet really make a difference to menopause symptoms?

Yes. Your diet, the foods you reach for and those you avoid can make a huge difference in helping your body overcome symptoms of menopause. Investing in your gut microbiome which in turn helps manage your hormones, and exercise, are also vitally important.

Learn more about the best nutrition for the menopause and the gut-hormone connection.

Can I take MenoFriend® if I've had breast cancer?

We do not advise customers if they can take MenoFriend® if they or a relative have had breast cancer - the advice should always be from the individual’s consultant, GP or specialist healthcare practitioner. This is because the causes and types of cancer vary enormously.

Many people do take MenoFriend® on the advice of their consultant or healthcare practitioner if they have had breast cancer because MenoFriend® is safe for their type of cancer.

The most common reason women can't take MenoFriend® is if they have had oestrogen-sensitive cancer because MenoFriend® contains phytoestrogens (plant-based oestrogens) which help naturally regulate hormones. As above, whether you can or can’t take MenoFriend® (or any other supplement or medication) having had breast cancer should always be on the advice of your healthcare practitioner or GP, and this is also the case if you have an existing medical condition, if you’re under medical supervision or if you’re taking prescribed medication.

Can I take MenoFriend® if I've had a hysterectomy?

MenoFriend® is suitable and effective for relieving symptoms of menopause after a hysterectomy. A full hysterectomy would cause you to go into surgical menopause immediately due to the removal of your ovaries. Your ovaries are responsible for producing oestrogen and progesterone. If you still retain your ovaries, you will experience menopause as normal. 

Does MenoFriend® help with weight loss?

Weight gain is a common symptom of menopause, and can be caused by hormone changes as well as the natural decrease in muscle mass and lifestyle changes. Research of over 1,000 women going through menopause showed 65% experienced weight gain, and research of over 700 women who take MenoFriend® showed 'weight gain' is one of the most common symptoms MenoFriend® provides relief from.

MenoFriend® helps relieve weight gain related to hormone fluctuations through its unique plant-based formula that helps regulate hormone fluctuations, in turn helping relieve weight caused by these fluctuations.

How long does it take for MenoFriend® to work?

Research shows that the majority of people who take MenoFriend® begin to enjoy relief from symptoms within 4 weeks. However, when taking MenoFriend®, you will continue to feel improvement in symptoms over future weeks and months as your hormones and body continue to adapt. For up to 30% of people who take MenoFriend®, it can be 5-8 weeks before they begin to enjoy relief from symptoms.

The time it takes to enjoy relief from symptoms varies by individual due to many factors including the stage of menopause, age, weight, diet and the foods you eat, lifestyle, exercise and other factors.

How long can you take MenoFriend® for?

MenoFriend® is formulated to relieve symptoms so you can thrive through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. MenoFriend® is safe to take for as long as necessary and it is helping you thrive, and for as long as you are experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

When is the best time to take MenoFriend®?

MenoFriend® can be taken at any time of the day. The most common time to take MenoFriend® is in the evenings. However, you can take your two MenoFriend® capsules together or separately, in the mornings, daytime or evening. It is a case of learning and adapting to what works best for you and your body.

To enjoy the benefits of MenoFriend® and relief from symptoms, it's important to take two capsules consistently each day.


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All our products are plant-based, naturally sourced with zero nasty additives and certified home-compostable. By giving customers a sustainable, plastic-free supplement option, we've helped save over 15 tonnes of plastic from entering landfill.

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