Gentle Iron & Vitamin C

30 capsules ▪︎ 1 a day


Our Gentle Iron (18mg) is combined with Vitamin C (80mg) which greatly improves your body’s absorption of Iron and supports your healthy immune system. Iron is an essential mineral for your cognitive function, concentration and a healthy mood.  Iron deficiency can lead you to feeling low on energy, anaemia, and is more common among women and those on plant-based diets. What's your diet missing? Create your free Diet Profile here

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Highly absorbable form
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easy to swallow
kind on stomach

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What our customers say...

Love this supplement, I'm anaemic so an iron and vit c supplement is really beneficial. Bonus is that it's plastic free and delivered on a subscription so I don'r forget.


I have tried so many Iron supplements over the last year and every one has upset my tummy. Someone recommended these and I am so pleased, I have noticed a difference within 3 days 😀


Purchased Iron with vitamin c for anaemia, after only two weeks I have noticed an increase in energy levels and mood… with really quick delivery. Would highly recommend!

Mr Benmore

Excellent product and the customer service is superb. I will definitely buy these tablets again. Highly recommended.


Good service from a great company with great ethics


Dr Vegan products get the thumbs up from me. Well priced and top quality. Highly recommended.


Easy to swallow capsules, getting the boost I needed, will be buying again


Loving these vitamins and their service! Their emails provide clear information about each one I've bought. Will continue to use them.


Been taking for a few years very good product keeps me healthy.


Easy to take in capsule form, very gentle and effective.

Ms Pridding

Purchased iron as I'd noticed my 'time of the month' was lighter than usual. I only bought and took one month's supply, but after taking it, my next 'totm' was a lot healthier and back to my usual flow which I can only attribute to the supplements. I like how it's mixed with Vitamin C to support absorption.


Good product, price, packaging and delivery. The free pill box is very handy.


Fantastic awesome amazing sunshine sunny skies all day.

Mrs Platt

Seems to be working well for me so far. Fingers crossed it continues this way.


I’ve noticed I have a little bit more energy than I used to have so I think this product works well.


Hard to find tablets with no bulking, additives or preservatives, so delighted when found Dr Vegan.

Ms Panayiotou

Hoping it increases my iron. Nicely packaged and easy to swallow.


Why take our
Gentle Iron & Vitamin C?

Optimal formula with Vitamin C
Vitamin C improves Iron absorption
Maintain your energy
Iron and Vitamin C help reduce tiredness and fatigue
Supports your brain function
Iron for cognitive function; Vitamin C for psychological function
Immune system support
Iron and Vitamin C support the normal function of the immune system
A gentler form of Iron
Non-constipating, kind on the stomach
Natural Iron
More effective and non-constipating
Gentle Iron & Vitamin C Gentle Iron & Vitamin C Gentle Iron & Vitamin C Gentle Iron & Vitamin C

Why is Iron so important, particularly for women

Iron has a variety of important roles in your health and wellbeing. One of its key functions is to make haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells, so it is essential for a healthy immune system and maintaining your energy levels. Iron deficiency is a common cause of anaemia and feeling low on energy and is quite common for women with heavy periods.


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