Vegan Essentials Bundle

Vitamin B12 + Omega 3


The perfect supplements for plant-based, vegan and vegetarian diets.

Vegan Vitamin B12 is "The Energy Vitamin" and is only available in your diet via animal foods, so it is a common deficiency in non-meat diets. Essential for the production of red blood cells, energy and heart health, a deficiency can cause tiredness, fatigue, affect your nervous system and cause anaemia. 

Our Vegan Omega 3 (1,000mg) is sustainably sourced from algae and provides the optimal dosage of 300mg DHA and 150mg EPA per serving, improving and maintaining your brain, heart and eye health every day

Plant-based. Naturally sourced. Zero nasty additives. Plastic free compostable pouches. Better me. Better planet. 

Formulated by nutritionists
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easy to swallow
kind on stomach

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What our customers say...

Best vitamins I've had. B12 has given me so much energy, I was very down but taking these I've felt great


Far exceeds other brands in performance and delivery.


Since taking this I've been very active and enjoying life. Should have taken the B12 years ago. Thanks."


Definitely feel fantastic since taking these. Recommend them to friends and family.


Arrived quickly, noticed an improvement almost immediately. 3 weeks in and getting better and better.


Ordered, paid and received product with no problem. Efficient service. Recommended!


I've been taking the B12 for two weeks and have more energy and feel great.


Love the clean and ethical ingredients of the Omega 3. I feel much sharper taking and really notice the difference in my focus at work, and my skin is better too.


Nice to use a vegan product instead of krill or cod liver.


Why take our
Vegan Essentials Bundle?

Helps reduce tiredness
Supports energy release and helps fight fatigue
Omega 3 for eye & skin health
Includes Vitamin E
Better for you
Better for the planet
For plant-based diets
Addresses natural deficiencies in vegan and vegetarian diets
Essential brain support
Supports your psychological function and a healthy nervous system
Essential daily support
Addresses diet deficiencies
Vegan Essentials Bundle Vegan Essentials Bundle

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