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50% off Caroline's Circuits in November

50% off Caroline's Circuits in November

We're passionate about you achieving your health goals so we've teamed up with Caroline Idiens and her fabulous 'Caroline's Circuits' online fitness classes that will make you fitter, stronger and healthier.

Caroline is offering DR.VEGAN customers an exclusive 50% discount for their first month of classes.  Just enter code CAROLINE50 at the checkout at carolinescircuits.com.  The code is valid until 30/11/2021 and gives you 50% off your first month. 

Caroline's story: Why we all need to lift weights!

I have always loved sport - I trained as a Personal Trainer in 2001 and had a business in London training clients one on one and then we moved to the countryside and I began group exercise classes locally.

At the start of lockdown 2020 I took all of my workouts online on Zoom and was overwhelmed by the response - Caroline’s Circuits was born! My career since then has changed dramatically and I feel that I'm part of something so much bigger than before.

Why strength training?

My passion has always been strength training for women and never more so than today. I realised quickly when I started my online classes that for many people the missing link was strength - many were incorporating cardio into their workouts but missing the resistance training element which is just so key as we age.

Once we reach 30 our bone density and muscle mass decrease. Strength training plays a huge role in preventing this loss and we can actually build new bone mass by using weights which many people are not aware of.  This helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis which women are so susceptible too, especially post menopause.

But it's much more than this. Strength training also gives you such a feeling of power in everyday life; helping with sleep, anxiety, our balance, managing our weight and most importantly giving us a huge mood boost!!

Class timings

Building up gradually and being consistent is key.

My classes are 3 times a week, live at 9am Monday, Wednesday, Friday. They are just 30 minutes so they are easy to fit into your day, and they're all recorded so if you cannot make them live you can do the classes on catch-up on my website at a time that suits you.

Everyone has a free trial so they can see how I run them. They are suitable for all fitness levels and I always give options to every exercise so there are low and high impact alternatives.

If you don't have weights you can use filled water bottles or cans. Resistance bands are also brilliant for the glutes workout. On Mondays and Fridays we have full body sessions and on Wednesdays it is a legs/abs focus. Getting started is the hardest part, it then becomes a routine and part of your lifestyle!

The reason I am such a fan of interval training and circuits is that you constantly alternate between several exercises which work different muscle groups - challenging the body and keeping the heart rate between moderate and high with passive or active rest periods. This is such an effective way to workout - my classes therefore include both cardio and strength and are the correct mix for the best results.

No commute to the gym, no expensive gym fees and easy to access at home!

50% discount for your first month of classes

Until 30 November 2021, you can get 50% off your first month of classes with Caroline's Circuits.  Just enter code CAROLINE50 at checkout at carolinescircuits.com

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